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Out-working the Opponent


Jason Baer of Pandit Law rolls up his sleeves and fights for his clients.

JasonBaerLegalProfileGrowing up, Jason Baer always wanted to be the first trial lawyer in his family. He was — to put it mildly — tenacious about his direction. He was competitive on the field too. Baer was captain of the Jesuit High School football team and appreciates how athletics has added value to his legal career.
“Athletics taught me about dedication, preparation and hard work,” he says. “Whether you are preparing for a football game or trial, preparation is key because others are relying on you. The important take away from athletics is to leave it all on the field and without any regrets. Should I have practiced harder? Worked that one more hour? Asked a question at trial differently? No. Because you prepared well each step of the way and you are ready.”

Baer is a trial lawyer at Pandit Law and was recently selected as a Rising Star by Super Lawyers based on peer recognition and his achievements. He has tried numerous cases before judges and juries, and obtained favorable verdicts for his clients. His practice ranges from personal injury and commercial disputes to insurance coverage and beyond, but he doesn’t pigeonhole himself or limit his clientele. “I want to represent companies and individuals that want an aggressive, ethical attorney,” he says.

And ethics are a cornerstone of his practice. “You find out what the truth is through hard work,” he says. “The only way to find the gold is to dig through the dirt. However, at times being the best lawyer for your client means telling them what they don’t want to hear. Honesty and integrity is something that goes a long way with clients and opposing counsel. I win cases by putting in the hard work and out-working my opponent. I think my law partners would attest to that.”

“Absolutely,” says Rajan Pandit. “Jason brings a certain passion to the practice, a level of competitiveness and drive to win that I deem to be rare.” Pandit adds that his competitive spirit is on constant high alert, whether the case is a small personal injury settlement or a complex commercial matter with millions of dollars at stake.

“I’m all for rolling up my sleeves and getting in the weeds of a case,” Baer says. “When I accept a case, my client’s problems become my problems.”

Baer, Pandit and their third partner, Darren Patin, set themselves apart by accessibility and responsiveness, traits they facilitate by leveraging technology. Cloud-based practice management systems improve client service and open up the possibility for the firm’s lawyers to work from anywhere in the world, even under challenging circumstances like a hurricane evacuation. It also breaks open the stereotype of the lawyer chained to his desk until nightfall and allows for tremendous flexibility.

“Work-life balance is extremely important to me … my wife, Liz, and I make it a point to spend as much time as we can with our beautiful children, Carter and Caitlyn. As much as I enjoy coaching my son’s cabbage ball team at St. Catherine of Siena, I am equally looking forward to attending dance recitals for my daughter one day.” Baer says. “Regardless of how hard you work, you still have to be there for your family, even if that means burning the midnight oil.”

Luckily, burning the midnight oil just happens to be another specialty.

“It’s a lot easier to live with disappointment than it is to live with regret,” Baer says. “Seeing your preparation pay off, that’s the most important thing to me. No matter the case, it’s all approached with that same tenacity.”

Jason Baer: In His Words
On Working with Friends: “Not everyone enjoys going to work every day and getting to work with two of their closest friends,” Baer says. “We rely on each other and make a great team when it comes to practicing law.”

On Parenting: “My parents instilled in me that hard work pays off,” he says. “At the same time, however, they never missed a game I played in or any other significant event in my life for that matter. Now that I am a parent, I understand how difficult that can be at times. I will continue to strive to be the best parent and role model for my children, just as my parents did for me.”

On Bartending Throughout College Being Relevant to a Law Career: “I feel that bartending through college taught me about time management and how to speak to people from all walks of life,” he says. “Behind the bar, you don’t know who is going to sit down on the stool in front of you, but you have to be able to hold a conversation with that person.”

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