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Dear Linda,


Your articles are always packed with good ideas for keeping life in balance. But just keeping up with my e-mail and voicemail is a challenge, much less doing the things I need to do. How do you keep up with all the things you’d like to do?
Susan P., Metairie

Dear Susan,
All the incredible tech gizmos can’t match my time-tested method: I keep a bulletin board by my back door and I tack assorted Post-It’s and clippings to it. These notes remind me to take my sons to the Wax Museum downtown, or go with my husband for a weekend to Little River Bluffs in Folsom; they help me remember which books I’d like to read and which restaurants I want to visit. When I’m not home, I keep a list in my Blackberry, so I don’t even have to try to remember. I look forward to the things I might do sometime in the future, but Katrina took away my need to get it all done right away; the urgency to complete my personal to-do lists was washed away, along with my guilt for not doing everything I should. Katrina forced me to realize that I am not what I have done or what I am going to do. I am me. So keeping my mind free from a jumble of to-do’s has been a revitalizing experience. I encourage you to try it, and let me know how it goes for you.