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15 ways to add autumn to your home


Inject that fall feeling into your decor.

In the summer, our natural instinct is to lighten everything up – paler colors, more visual white space and a decidedly pared down environment. Things change. Fall is about layering up and creating warmth. It’s true that warmer, richer colors signify the season naturally, but I can take any palette and make it look like fall. It’s about the texture and fabric. At this time of year, [fabrics] should be more lush (think velvet) and ribbed and nubbly.

Here are some other ideas for injecting that fall feeling into your home decor.

NOL Oct07_MedRes_Page_56_Image_0001.jpgIn the living room
Add area rugs. But remember that nothing looks worse than a rug that’s too small for a room – it makes the space look busy. To welcome fall, lay a Buffalo or cowhide on top of sisal or another tight rug.

Things don’t have to be precious to be special. Cut down branches from your yard and put them in a vase that’s filled with leaves and pinecones. It’s cheap and fabulous.

Add a beautiful throw to the sofa (wool or fur, preferably) and change the pillows (try chenille, mohair or thick port au soie satin).

Hang more drapery, specifically woolen panels. They’re classic and make a space feel comfy. For a less expensive option, you could just hang side panels for anther layer over your existing window treatment.

Warm up your space with painted glass in oxblood red on the back of bookshelves. The reflective sheets are exquisite and cheap.

NOL Oct07_MedRes_Page_56_Image_0002.jpgIn the dining room
If there’s a lot of wood and hard surfaces, soften things up by slip covering the end chairs or using upholstered end banquettes.

On the table, mix things up with colored crystal, chargers and decorative plates. Cut colored crystal and Moroccan tea glasses – they have a richness that just feels like fall.

Put bowls of coconuts on the table. The texture is perfect for this time of year, especially with a layer of baby pinecones or moss.

NOL Oct07_MedRes_Page_56_Image_0003.jpgIn the bedroom
Layer up the bed with a quilted blanket in satin or velvet.

Upholster the headboard.

Replace white lamp shades with black or something lined with gold or silver.

NOL Oct07_MedRes_Page_56_Image_0004.jpgIn the bathroom
Hang floating shelves to store books and candles and soaps.

Get a long wooden tray for the counter and place vases filled with sea corals on it.

Add little lamps to the vanity.

If you have the room, slip cover a chair and ottoman in a warm-colored terry cloth and a wool runner.