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Homeward Bound

10 easy tips to finding a great real estate agent and a great house

Curtain time

With the right drapery and linens, you can create a master bedroom to rival a starlet’s

Hart is where the home is

Always a pillar of the community, Aucoin Hart strives to help the city rebuild

A kickin’ kitchen

Tips and tricks on getting the renovation you want

Designer Challenge

Finding a professional to decorate your home doesn’t have to be difficult

Bold and the Beautiful

Romance is in the air this season–need some help? Follow these trends.

Closets 101

A local expert helps you organize even the smallest of spaces


Everything you need to know

A Salute to Philanthropy

During the last year, the city of New Orleans has experienced widespread loss. But without the help of those in the community, New Orleans might still feel like they have lost everything.

Seize the moment

In fighting for New Orleans, Ruthie Frierson and Citizens for 1 Greater New Orleans have done just that

Heart of the home

The kitchen is the gathering place of the house, so it’s important to get the renovation right

Break the Silence

Ovarian cancer awareness lacking among women

Be your own bride!

New trends in wedding gowns let you show your individuality

Well Suited

Grooms who want to show a little personality in their wedding day attire can now choose from a multitude of styles

Beautiful Bridesmaids

Style choices for your best girls