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Operation: Healthcare

LCMC Health CEO Greg Feirn understands the business of running a major hospital group.

Youth Matters

Founder and CEO of Enriched Schools, André Feigler, seeks to transform guest education.

Path to Prosperity

Melissa Ehlinger leads the charge at the New Orleans Business Alliance.


GNOF president and CEO Albert Ruesga aims to change New Orleans for the better — one philanthropic act at a time.

Lights, Camera, Action!

The young president and co-founder of The Solomon Group, Gary Solomon, Jr., knows how to light up a room.

Shelter From the Storm

Mary Claire Landry helps victims of domestic violence reclaim their lives. Romantic and family relationships are ideally about love, but, in some dark cases, emotional abuse and physical violence can take root. And because victims’ lives are so intertwined psychologically and financially with their abusers, escape from these relationships is often difficult.

Eye on the Prize

A local real estate developer, and New Orleans returnee, focuses on community transformation to help the city thrive.

Man on a Mission

Octavio Mantilla has found a home in the New Orleans restaurant world.

Ready for a Close-Up

Hollywood Trucks CEO Andre Champagne makes travel plans.

Right Direction

Nicole Blair helps create opportunities for a nontraditional workforce.

Woman on a Mission

A local healthcare consultant has far-reaching plans for the Crescent City.

Skyward Bound

A local spa owner turns to automation for the ultimate body-bliss experience.

Sweet Success

Local entrepreneur Joel Dondis is in the business of food.

On Call with Dr. Kathleen Sullivan

A local obstetrics and gynecology doctor champions women’s health.

Civic Duty

The Alliance for Good Government takes the guesswork out of elections. Big elections get all the attention. When citizens walk into a voting booth to choose their president, senators or representatives, they typically already have a good idea about the candidates.

Living a Legacy

Brandon Berger finds flourishing opportunities at home in New Orleans. When Brandon Berger moved back to New Orleans in 2008 to take a role in the family business—commercial real estate development firm The Berger Company—the city was a tough sell.

An Interview with Dr. Karen DeSalvo, New Orleans Health Commissioner

When we talk about healthcare in America, we’re normally talking about things like doctor visits, prescriptions, emergency services, out-of-pocket costs and insurance.

An Interview with José Suquet, CEO of Pan-American Life Insurance Group

Today, Miami is considered the United States’ gateway to Latin America, but throughout much of the 20th century, New Orleans filled that role.

An Interview with Mike Rogers, Chief Executive Officer of SCT Management Services

An old joke goes, “It’s easy to quit smoking. I know because I’ve done it hundreds of times.” Of course, the truth underlying this joke is that it’s really, really hard to quit smoking cigarettes. It’s been said that first-time quitters suffer the same 75% relapse rate as recovering alcoholics and heroin addicts.

Meet + Greet: Tom Benson

Patron Saint gives all to his teams and his city

Guy T. Williams

An Interview with Guy T. Williams, CEO of Gulf Coast Bank

Todd Graves

An Interview with Todd Graves, Founder and CEO of Raising Cane’s

Gary LaGrange

Interview with Gary LaGrange, President and CEO of the Port of New Orleans

ARTS | Ballet Hispanico

The dance company, founded 42 years ago by Tina Ramirez, is the oldest in the country devoted to exploring the diversity of Latin culture.

Interview with Kurt Weigle

President and CEO, Downtown Development District

Hotel Modern

A new entry on the city’s hotel scene checks in on Lee Circle

Stirling Vision

Stirling Properties CEO Sees Vibrant Future for City’s Commercial Real Estate Market

A Man of Great Tastes

Greg Reggio and The Taste Buds serve up great food and dish out community spirit.

Zephyrs’ Orthopedist Keeps Players in Top Form

When people in New Orleans think sports, they tend to think football first and basketball second.

Fair Trade

The restaurant industry’s new CEO brings his practical guidance to the table

The Business Side of Taking Care of People

Warner Thomas on leading the New Orleans region’s biggest hospital

Savoring the Experience

Kevin Kimball helps bring together world-renowned winemakers and chefs for the New Orleans Wine and Food Experience

Thyroid Health

Important hormone controls metabolism and energy

Rolling the Credits

FBT Film and Entertainment acts as a central resource to provide the film industry with everything it needs

The Biggest Winners

Bariatric surgery patients get a full range of support at Omega Hospital

Harvesting Opportunity

David Guidry’s family farm sowed the seeds for a successful business

Heal Like a Pro

Ochsner’s Sports Medicine Center mends Saints and weekend warriors alike

Hales Yeah!

For this lifelong Saints fan, overseeing the marketing initiatives for the franchise is a dream come true

Up With People

Clients and employees are the number one priority for Covington-based Gilsbar

Great Gaines

Ochsner recognizes a shift in health care and brings in a new executive to help lead the way

Let’s Hear It for the Home Team

Ochsner joins forces with Tom and Gayle Benson to create a one-of-a-kind cancer center

Homegrown Idea

A local nonprofit corners the farmers’ market and strengthens community at the same time

Captain of Industry

As the head of the Louisiana Seafood Promotion & Marketing Board, Harlon Pearce promotes and defends business in the Gulf

Steps in the Right Direction

Ochsner helps its employees save money while getting in shape

One Man’s Treasure

Sidney Torres IV takes pride in taking out the trash

Grade-A Care

Ochsner gets national recognition for its exceptional service

One Bright Bulb

The CEO of Entergy Louisiana and Entergy Gulf States has mastered the industry she loves

Grade-A Care

Ochsner gets national recognition for its exceptional service

For Love of Country

Cuban-American attorney George Fowler III has found success in New Orleans while supporting the people of his homeland

The Killer in You

Heart disease takes more lives than the flu, but the good news is that you can prevent it

A Company That Cares

Diabetics find the support they need with Diabetes Management & Supplies

Model Trader

Matt Wisdom’s TurboSquid inks deals between customers and creators of 3-D imagery

Don’t let the holidays stress you out

Stress and depression can ruin your holidays and hurt your health. Being realistic, planning ahead and seeking support

Quality Over Quantity

Omega Hospital is proof that good things come in small packages

Legal Eagle

Following in the footsteps of Wendell Gauthier, attorney John Houghtaling makes his mark

A Passion for Giving

The Tocqueville Society recognizes the philanthropy of Phyllis M. Taylor

Partners in Health

Rouses and Ochsner team up to help consumers make smart dietary choices

Good to the Bone

Ochsner’s chairman of orthopaedics looks out for his department and its patients

Can-Do Cannizzarro

Undaunted by the challenges of his position, the district attorney aims to stop crime by joining forces with the community

Sportsman’s Paradise

Saints linebacker Scott Fujita has it all: a football career, a wife and two kids and a city that loves him

A Culinary Ambassador

Chef John Folse is known the world over as an authority on Cajun and Creole cuisine

Special Treatment

Breast cancer patients come from far and wide for the care and services of St. Charles Surgical Hospital

Got (Local) Milk?

Louisiana’s Kleinpeter Farms Dairy gives its cows and its customers only the best

A Grocery Story

Anthony Rouse Sr. was a hands-on presence at the supermarket chain that bears his name

The Gentle Martial Art

Focusing on self-defense and harmony, the discipline of Aikido provides lifelong benefits to practitioners

Cutting-Edge Care

Humana is a pioneer in the health insurance industry and division president Jeff Fernandez is proud of that

Tricky Territory

Real estate attorney Marx Sterbcow helps borrowers protect themselves against fraud

High-Tech Health Care

Electronic medical records are a win-win for both doctors and patients

Up to the Challenge

The president and CEO of GNO Inc. is planning to make Louisiana more business-friendly

Cornerstone of the Community

Ochsner Hospital is fundamentally important to New Orleans, and CEO Pat Quinlan wants to keep it that way

Bank On It

Capital One’s Steve Hemperley believes New Orleans is impervious to recent fluctuations in the economy

Track Star

With top-notch slots and a glitzy restaurant, Austin Miller plans to transform the Fair Grounds into a must-see destination

Saints and the City

Rita Benson LeBlanc does double duty by supporting both the team and the city she loves

Nature Preserver

Self-described “zoo-keeper” Ron Forman runs Audubon first and foremost for the kids

Your Go-To Guy

If there’s something you need to know about real estate, Arthur Sterbcow is the man to ask

Home Sweet Home

Ritz-Carlton GM Myra deGersdorff wants guests to feel as comfortable in New Orleans as she does

Long-Distance Affair

As president of AT&T Louisiana, Bill Oliver has found the perfect career match

Biloxi Boomtown

New Orleans’ cousin on the coast is a resort destination for gamblers and families alike

Shell and High Water

New Orleans native Frank Glaviano is proud that his company has stood by his hometown

Who’s Your Crawdaddy?

“Whether you’re talking about Gulf seafood, Creole tomatoes or Ponchatoula strawberries, locals supporting local products is what helps make our economy strong,”

The Biz Factor

Lapeyre Leads the Business Council to Increase its Influence

The Whole Package

Harrah’s ranks in the top 100 of world-class hotels, making it a brand-new classic

Blue-Ribbon Panel

A coalition of health care providers intends to reform health care in Louisiana

At the Top of his Game

Entrepreneur Ray Wooldridge reinvents himself with a new resort destination

In the Company of First Responders

The little-ambulance-service-that-could did— while saving lives every step of the way

The Big Thrill

Harrah’s rolls the dice on a new magic show and audiences comes up the winner

Makin’ Groceries

By focusing on customer service and local products, Rouses intends on being a Louisiana favorite


In New Orleans, a city full of young and promising culinary talent, the face of Chef John Besh is probably the most recognizable.