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Ask Elesha: Nutritional Vices Demystified

We are continually bombarded with information about what we should and shouldn’t eat.

Nutrition: Ask Elesha

The hot weather is upon us. Kids will soon be out of school and families and friends will gather poolside

The Nine Fundamentals of a Healthy Detox Diet

The constant festivities of the holidays, Super Bowl and Mardi Gras are finally over, meaning it’s a great time to talk about detoxing the healthy way.

Guilt-Free Holiday Indulgence

There is something so magical about this time of year:

Ask Elesha | Just the Facts

How to Read a Label and Get the Most Information

How to Beat the Plateau Blues

Adjust calories and change up exercise routines

Friend or Foe?

Pastas can be a part of a healthy diet, but not all are created equally

The ABCs of Vitamins

Know your basics to determine which supplements may be right for you

Miracle of the Fishes

Take advantage of Lent and reap the healthful benefits of seafood

Size Matters

Portion control is an important factor in any diet

Buyer Beware

Read the fine print before you assume something is good for you

Against the Grain

Experiment with some of the more nutritious, healthful grains available on store shelves

Myth Information

For long-term weight loss it’s important to know the facts about food

New Year, New Diet

As the school year begins, leave summer’s bad habits behind

Eat Healthy, Be Happy

The right foods can help you combat stress and anxiety

Bloat Be Gone

Reduce your fluid retention and get bikini ready in no time

Snack Attack

Battle the bulge by eating smartly every three to four hours 

Body Booster

Eat the right foods to support your immune system

You Got Game!

Enjoying football festivities doesn’t have to sabotage your healthy eating habits

Say Cheese!

Look your best and burn fat by consuming calcium-rich dairy foods

Mother Knows Best

Bring the kids into the kitchen and cook healthy meals together 

Beat the Bloat

Eat smart and get bikini-ready in no time

Ask Elesha

Making Sense of Sugar Substitutes

Bill of Fare

Health food doesn’t have to be a budget buster

The Holiday Hangover

While there’s no surefire post-party cure-all, some things help more than others

Feast on This!

Turkey and all the trimmings serve up delicious health benefits