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Summer Wines

A lighter touch in warmer months enhances flavors

Chef John Besh Announces Chefs Move! Scholarship Winner

Chef John Besh offers a special opportunity for a special person


Advances in treatment have doubled the chances for a successful pregnancy

All About Vitamin D

It is more important than you may think.

Javier Perez, M.D.

Dr. Javier Perez places great value on his family both at home and in the office.

Great Reasons to Exfoliate

And they all add up to younger looking skin

From The Russian River, With Love

Grace your table with a distinct Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from Sonoma County

Kidney Health

Lifestyle changes can play a big role in slowing kidney disease


Cosmetic dentistry can redefine your look

The Malbec Revolution

Red wine recaptures its status and pizzazz

10 Ways to Get Healthy for Spring

Getting healthy for spring is an issue that should not be taken lightly.

Lose Weight and Celebrate with Louisiana Seafood

Louisiana Seafood Celebration kicks off March 9

Peel Sessions

Unveil fresher, younger-looking skin by choosing the chemical peel right for you

A Toast to Wine Pairings

How to choose the best wines for your dinner party

Women’s Health Screenings: What You Should Know

Routine, easy exams and tests can prevent serious problems

A Clean Slate

Clearing clutter from your office can help with your finances and give you peace of mind

In the Mood for Love

Strengthen your bond on Valentine’s Day— and every day

Do Your Heart Good

Take care of your ticker and it will take care of you

Do Your Heart Good

Take care  of your ticker and it will take  care  of you

Dry Spell

A little prevention goes a long way in curing parched winter skin

Clear Out the Clutter

Ten quick and easy ways to get rid of what you’ve got and organize

Time for a Tune-Up

Men need to treat their bodies like their cars and visit to the doctor to check what’s under the hood

A Toast to the Host

Our guide to surviving—and enjoying—a stress-free party-packed season

Stretch Marks Be Gone

Dermatologists weigh in on this common problem and help you get comfortable in the skin you’re in

They’ve Got Your Back

Doctors tout new procedures in combating degenerative disk disease

Glam It Up?

Let the new season inspire you to try a new look—or two

Breast Cancer Awareness

Learn all you can about this disease, both in terms of risk factors and treatment options

Legends of the Fall

From sultry to sophisticated, five gorgeous makeup looks for autumn

Understanding Ovarian Cancer

Know your risk factors, but first know your body

Go Out in Style

How to get the best cut and color for your particular look

Let’s Get Physical

(edited/kr) Let’s Get Physical Take your child in for a back-to-school doctor’s appointment By Jamie Lober If you haven’t scheduled a back-to-school physical for your child, now is the time to pick up the phone and make an appointment. “Parents should instill in their kids that there is nothing wrong with going to the doctor […]

Doctor’s Orders

Find an ob/gyn you like and trust so you’ll keep going back for important yearly exams

Learn and Live

When it comes to colon cancer, knowledge is power