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The Buzz – September 2007

Hello, my little Chickadees! I know lately it has been like an inferno out there, but I have some cool tidbits to share with you. To prove that cool weather is on the horizon, Saks recently showcased the Escada 2007 Fall Collection during a luncheon at Arnaud’s. The haute couture ladies were then ushered back […]

The Buzz – July 2007

Whoa, baby! Did you see what I saw?

The Buzz – June 2007

Oh, what an absolutely lovely evening it was …

The Buzz – April 2007

Buzz, buzz, buzz … Yes, we have had some busy little bees and congratulatory kudos are in order!

The Buzz – March 2007

Hello, Buttercups! I hope you had a wonderful Mardi Gras season and took part in the pleasures of the Carnival balls, parades, costumes, great weather and parties galore (check out the photos).

The Buzz – February 2007

Hello, out there, all you little buttercups! It is the brave New Year, and we are ready for the show to go on.

The Buzz – September 2006

Well, here we are with no major storms, no flooding … aaaaahhhhh!

The Buzz – June 2006

Some serious and successful partying took place in New Orleans

The Buzz – March 2006

“The grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love and something to hope for.”

The Buzz – February 2006

Keeping your finger on the pulse of New Orleans