Brisk Bites


Moms on the move will love these quick, healthy snacks.

eatsmartjuliefortenberryMay2014Hey, Mom: While you’re feeding your family, don’t forget to make sure you’re feeding yourself! The demands of a busy schedule can sometimes cause your own well-being to fall by the wayside, but getting all the nutrients you need will set you up for better health and more productive days.

As with all aspects of a busy mom’s life, the key to eating well on the go is — you guessed it! — preparation. Set yourself up for success by choosing a one-to-two-hour period each week when you can put together your own healthy meals and snacks.
It’s possible to have a full plate, both schedule- and nutrition-wise. Try some of the quick and easy ideas below, and you’ll never have to sacrifice your own nourishment again.

Snack Ideas for Moms With a Full Plate
Be an Egghead: Hard-boil one dozen eggs on Sunday night, and you’ll have a quick source of protein at the ready when the workweek starts picking up steam. Pair two eggs with a piece of fruit, like an apple or a pear, when you need a bite to eat. Fruit, a source of healthy carbohydrates, will combine with the egg’s protein to stabilize your blood sugar and ensure your energy stays up.

Go Nuts: Take trail mix off the road! Fill a sandwich bag with a mix of dry-roasted almonds, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, raisins or any other combination you prefer. Almonds are especially good for busy moms, since in addition to containing protein, carbs and healthy fats, they also contain calcium.

Snack Simple: There’s nothing easier than sticking a piece of fruit in your bag to have on hand when you need a snack. Choose fruits that don’t bruise easily, like apples or oranges, if you plan to carry your readymade snack with you all day.

Smooth Things Out: It’s easy to pre-make and freeze fresh fruit smoothies ahead of time! Make a blender-full of your favorite smoothie (we like most “green drinks,” which include spinach, kale or other greens — all of which pack in antioxidants and other nutrients) and portion into mason jars or another portable container. Simply take one out of the freezer when you leave the house, and let it thaw into a refreshing, cold midmorning snack.

One Jar Goes Far
If you have a little more time, you can make a salad-on-the-go in a mason jar! Veggies, fruits and beans are all fair game. Try a Greek salad, with chopped cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and peppers, sprinkled with feta cheese and homemade vinaigrette.
You can also throw together an easy black bean salad with cooked or canned black beans (rinse canned beans first), diced tomatoes, chopped bell peppers, fresh cilantro and lemon juice. And for dessert, chop up some green apples with red grapes; throw in some walnuts; and dress with honey, lemon juice and cinnamon.

Who says you can’t eat well on the go?