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Understanding the Y Chromosome


Local men speak up about women — and their style preferences.shoptalkYChromJune2014In my later years, I have (hopefully) come to a better grasp of the male mind. From my perspective, men and women are not inherently different when it pertains to love, relationships and business; in the end, we all want the same results. Where the two sexes differ is how men and women react when conflict arises in the aforementioned situations. I am not stating that my contemplation and understanding of how a man cogitates is 100 percent exact; yet my experiences over the years with male clients and very dear male companions have led me to believe that I finally have a sounder understanding on how to suitably contend with and negotiate with a man.

Most of my world is estrogen-overloaded. I work in an industry that focuses primarily on females and female beauty. The majority of my clients are females; our seminars address women and style; and I am the mother of twin girls. My significant other has rightly dubbed my vehicle the “estrogen wagon.” This XY-chromosome-saturated life leaves me thoroughly valuing any time spent with gentleman. On occasion, I am able to discuss men’s fashion with men and dress a handful of gents; it is a rare but welcome and wonderful encounter. What I find particularly fascinating and intriguing is what men think about female style, grace and fashion.

A Few Good Men
I had the privilege and opportunity to survey a few noteworthy men around town. They were presented with two questions, the first being: “What is your preferred article of clothing or accessory that you adore seeing on a woman?” When responding about women and what they wear, these men’s preferences on fashion or what they found sexy were quite capricious. Even more entertaining were their responses to the follow-up question: “What have you learned, over time, about interacting with females that you wish you had understood years ago?” Here’s what they said.

“I do prefer a simple piece of modern jewelry on a wrist or neck,” explains James Anderson, architect and designer at PGAL. With regard to what he’s learned about women over time, Anderson says, “While at times this is very hard to do, I wish I would have known that many women want to just be heard, and that they are not looking for you to solve a problem. If a girl wants you to fix something, she will ask.”

“In regard to my preferred article of clothing — to be quite frank — I love women in yoga pants,” says Bryan Armand, a personal chef and fitness trainer. “I have learned over the years that women are not as complicated as many believe, and, personally, I have noticed that when I relax and incorporate humor in the conversation versus ‘playing it cool’ or being serious, it has worked out in my favor.”

“A woman in a black dress and pearls is my favorite outfit look,” says Peter Franco, director of operations at Custom Content, Time Inc. “I have learned in time … that when in a disagreement with my wife … massages and kisses can, at times, solve problems and get me things I want.”

“Blue jeans and a white V-neck t-shirt will always be my favorite,” says Brian Grenrood, franchise owner and regional developer at Massage Envy Spa. “If the sci-fi movies are correct, and all of us will be wearing the same clothes in the future, I hope that’s what they pick for the women’s uniform.” Considering his connections with females, Grenrood suspects he is losing ground. “I’m not sure I know anything more about women than I did 25 years ago. In fact, my wife and daughters often make me feel like I know less now.”

The Company of Men
I am very blessed to have my fair share of stylish and gracious men in my life. I have godchildren (two boys whom I adore); some of my closest confidants are men; and I am grateful for the respect and patience I receive from my husband, brother and father. (It also does not hurt that sometimes they tell me my dress is pretty.) Happy Father’s Day!