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Manly Maintenance


Sometimes a beard trim just doesn’t cut it.

ManlyMaintenanceBeautyMost men would rather not add steps to their grooming routine. So when guys do find themselves in the market for a more sophisticated look, the endless array of products and services available can be overwhelming — not to mention pricy.

Luckily, simplicity is the key to maintaining a masculine look! Makeup artist, aesthetician and men’s grooming specialist Maria Barreda says that paying attention to a few simple details can keep men looking sharp and feeling good. Here, Barreda, who specializes in beauty and makeup for fashion and advertising, offers her tips and favorite products for men. After all, why should ladies have all the fun when it comes to beauty?

“For men, it’s really about making sure the skin is moisturized and there are no hairs that aren’t supposed to be there,” Barreda says. She recommends cleansing with cold water to minimize razor bumps after a shave, and then applying a moisturizer. “Nivea has some really good products for men with sensitive skin, as far as moisturizer and balms for the mustache and beard areas,” Barreda notes.

She also recommends Kiehl’s and Anthony products for men. “Anthony moisturizers are good because they’re light,” she says. “Men don’t like the feeling of having something heavy on their face.” And don’t forget sun protection. “It’s always very important to use a moisturizer that has SPF,” Barreda says.

“Men are usually very particular about their beards, but as far as their eyebrows … they comb the brows down and then trim,” Barreda says. Instead, guys should comb their brows upward, and trim just the hairs that rise above the top of the brow. This prevents over-trimming, while lending a more polished look.

No vivid reds, glosses or sparkles here, but lip care for men is important, too. “I also use Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm — what I love about that is it doesn’t have any fragrances or dyes, and it also has SPF 25,” Barreda says. “It moisturizes the lips, but it doesn’t leave them shiny.”