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A local Millennial juggles family and work — all while pairing up job seekers with potential employers.

moversshakerseditToday’s society is faster than ever before. We are all asked to do more with less, and being busy is no longer an anomaly. The average Millennial today works a 50-hour work week, sits on a few volunteer boards, hits the gym between three to five times per week and still fits in social activities.

One such local Millennial, Crystal McDonald, takes this idea to another level. As a relatively new wife (having wed her husband Todd McDonald in August 2012) and a new mother to their beautiful 7-month-old son Justice, she certainly has her hands full. Not only that, but she is also co-founder and CEO of GoToInterview (gotointerview.com) — a business that she and her husband founded together in 2012 and launched in 2013.

GoToInterview is a web-based employment service that streamlines the job-search process for job seekers as well as the recruiting process for employers. The service specializes in the often-overlooked category of entry positions with a strong focus on the hospitality, healthcare, retail and construction industries. This on-demand service allows job seekers to go online and have their first interview by creating a short video answering a series of questions submitted by the employer. The employer also has the ability to view applicants that have applied for their positions.

When it comes to balancing family with a new and thriving business, Crystal says that, obviously, her son is the most important thing in her life. She finds motivation to tackle long days by knowing that the company is helping people. “This service eliminates so many barriers for job seekers, such as transportation, childcare costs and schedule conflicts to name a few,” she says.

Crystal views GoToInterview not only as a business, but also as a social enterprise — as an individual’s ability to lead a productive and fulfilling life is directly tied to their ability to find work. “Our goal is to help thousands of people find jobs, and help small businesses grow by connecting them to talent,” she adds. In doing so, Crystal and Todd aim to grow GoToInterview into being the primary source for entry-level job seekers and employers nationally.