Well Suited


Grooms who want to show a little personality in their wedding day attire can now choose from a multitude of styles

tuxedo3.jpgWhile men’s tuxedo styles aren’t nearly as fickle as women’s designer wedding gowns, subtle styling can make a world of difference between grooms who are so chic and those who are so 1982. We spoke with David Perlis Jr. of Perlis on Magazine Street about what trends he has been seeing in New Orleans for the upcoming wedding season.

The White Linen Suit
A lot of men in society have been wearing summer suits and white linen suits for years, but lately there has been a resurgence of this New Orleans tradition for New Orleans weddings.

“We have a white linen dinner jacket that is very popular for the summer,” David says. “Even men who are attending these social events and weddings are opting for this style.”

Not only white linen suits, but more summer jackets, blazers and even seersucker suits have been worn in place of the traditional black tuxedo. These have all been bigger styles in spring weddings, and David predicts this trend will carry on into the summer.

If your guy isn’t quite ready to take the plunge into wearing a nontraditional suit or, for that matter, you aren’t comfortable with it, remember that a simple vest can make a big style statement. According to David, “There is still strong interest in vests right now.”

Especially when it comes to bold colors that match the theme of the wedding, a vest is a safe way to go without being too over the top. Matched with a nice tie, it makes the perfect ensemble. But make sure that the vest is the proper fit, because an ill-fitting vest can be a disaster under a jacket.

The tie is the most playful aspect of a suit. It’s the one thing that can show your true personality. If you wear fun ties at work, why can’t you at your wedding? If you want to show how much you love your city, try a Vineyard Vines tie from Perlis. In various colors and made of the most delicate silk, Vineyard Vines has created a line of ties exclusively for Perlis called the Rebuild New Orleans ties, which will make the perfect gift for your groomsmen. The three ties include the Perlis crawfish logo, the New Orleans street tile tie and the fleur de lis tie.

No matter what you choose, always remember that your personality can easily shine by choosing the right details, color choices and fit. Everyone will be looking at the bride, but with these tips, they might take a glance at the groom as well!