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Beauty: Highway to Gel


Nail down the basics of shellac manicures!

BeautySeptWe’ve all felt that creeping sense of disbelief and jealousy when a friend’s manicure lasts … and lasts. If you find yourself with chipped or dented polish 10 minutes after you sally out of the salon, shellac may be your new secret weapon.

Shellac (also known as gel) polish is a special, long-wearing polish that can only be applied properly with the use of an ultraviolet or LED light. This light “cures” the polish after each coat, resulting in a durable, shiny, hard-as-nails manicure or pedicure.

Done properly, your shellac nails can last for up to two weeks! Return to the salon to have the polish removed with a special wrap, as traditional at-home nail polish remover won’t budge shellac colors. If you have thin, flaky or brittle nail beds, nurse your nails back to health before you try shellac to keep from damaging them further.

Finding a nail technician who knows how to properly apply and remove shellac is the best way to stay pretty, poised and polished. We love these New Orleans spas for expert shellac manicures!

Ritz-Carlton Spa
921 Canal St.
(504) 670-2929

Spa Atlantis
536 Bienville St.
(504) 566-8087

Salon Senoj Day Spa
101 Aris Ave.
Metairie, LA
(504) 835-9938

The Skin Studio
725 Joseph St.
(504) 717-4466