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New Orleans-based attorneys take an innovative new approach to practicing law.

movershakersevolutionoflawEvery commercial industry has evolved in its business practices and how it fundamentally conducts business. Telecommunications has completely changed, with most people no longer having home phones and relying strictly on their cell phones. The days of contacting a travel agent to plan your next vacation are a thing of the past, with most consumers researching, reading reviews and booking their own travel online. With the evolution of digital and social media, the advertising world has been forced to adapt and find new innovative ways to introduce digital integrations into their advertising platforms. Yes, just about every industry is different — that is, except one.

How the legal industry does its business has not changed since the beginning of time. I have a problem; I hire an attorney; they bill me $200 per hour and continue to bill me for as much time as they possibly can. Enter two female New Orleans attorneys who have introduced a new and innovative way of practicing law to an audience of local business leaders.

Founders Jade Brown-Russell and Michelle Craig each bring experience from some of the top law firms in the region (both worked at Jones Walker, and Adams and Reese). Brown-Russell also has in-house counsel experience, having served as regional in-house counsel for Caesars Entertainment, parent company to Harrah’s Casino. Both ladies have been leaders in law and leaders in their communities for years, having served on boards of local charter schools, lending their talents to various boards and commissions, and even starting their own mentoring program for young girls in New Orleans.

The new business is called Transcendent Legal with the tag line “Transcending the Traditional Law Firm.” The firm specializes in taking a project management approach to law — where clients benefit from flat-rate billing, and attorneys have incentives to accomplish work as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The firm has also developed its own legal project-management software platform called ProSquire. “ProSquire brings a level of transparency to the attorney-client relationship that has never been seen before,” says Transcendent Legal Co-Founder Michelle D. Craig. “Clients can now have real-time updates on how their projects are moving through the process, as well as how much time their attorney has invested in their project.” transcendentlegal.com