Dr. Betty Lo-Blais


An LSU physician finds a healthy work-life balance.

DrBettyLoBlaisIt may sound impossible to raise three kids, cultivate an accomplished medical career and stay involved with your community — and do it all without missing a soccer game — but Dr. Betty Lo-Blais is proof that it’s possible. “There are bumps in the road, but, honestly, I can’t imagine a more fruitful life than the one I have,” she says.

For 14 years, Dr. Lo-Blais has directed the Medicine/Pediatrics program at LSU, her alma mater. She oversees 24 residents and treats both adult and pediatric patients at the LSU Healthcare Network, located at 3700 St. Charles Avenue — the private practice for LSU Health physicians. “I feel a lot of pride in our residency program,” she says. “After Katrina, we were really forced to re-invent ourselves … We’ve not only survived, we’ve triumphed, and now we’re where we want to be.”

A New Orleans native, Dr. Lo-Blais also works with patients at the LSU Healthcare Network clinic in Kenner. She’s the medical director of the University of New Orleans’ student health clinic, and the medical director of the New Orleans Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon and Half Marathon, which will take place this January — and she works with her residents to volunteer time on Tuesday nights at Luke’s House, a free medical clinic for Greater New Orleans residents.

Naturally, time management and multitasking have become second nature to the physician and her family. She’s active in her church, and she serves on the board of trustees at her youngest child’s school. “I will work hard around that personal schedule to make sure that I am a very successful mom and wife,” she says. “It’s a balancing act. Church is important; school is important; work is important; but at the end of the day, my family is the most important.”

Dr. Lo-Blais recognizes that all families face the challenge of staying well during the hectic holiday season. “The holidays bring about an extra challenge to already-busy families,” she says. “You have additional obligations, and [you] are also trying to keep yourself and your family healthy during the cold and flu season. Even as a doctor, I have to work extra hard to try to keep my family and myself well during the holidays.

“It is important to always wash your hands throughout the day — especially before and after food prep, and after using the restroom,” she says. “We need to teach our children from a very early age the importance of washing their hands, so it becomes second nature to them. It does not stop at hand-washing. We should all cough and sneeze into our elbows or arms. By coughing and sneezing into our hands, we risk spreading germs on every surface we touch.”

Dr. Lo-Blais notes that healthy diet and exercise are also important parts of staying healthy during the holidays, since it’s so easy to get carried away with decadent holiday treats. “We should enjoy ourselves during the holidays, but it is important to keep our families on a healthy eating routine,” she says.

“Make sure your family is eating a healthy and balanced diet — keep the indulging to the holiday parties or special family outings. Also, make sure your family stays active. If you normally go to the gym, keep going to the gym or [doing] whatever you do for exercise. Make sure your kids get their exercise too, and do not just sit in front of the computer or TV.”

Betty Lo-Blais, M.D.
Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine and Pediatrics
Director, Medicine/Pediatrics Residency Program
LSU Healthcare Network
3700 St. Charles Ave., 2nd Floor
(504) 412-1366
200 West Esplanade, Suite 701
Kenner, LA 70065
(504) 412-1705

MEDICAL SCHOOL: Louisiana State University School of Medicine
RESIDENCY: Louisiana State University School of Medicine, Medicine/Pediatrics
BOARD CERTIFIED: Internal Medicine, Pediatrics