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Face It: Your Spring Skin Reset


It’s time for a post-winter pick-me-up.

BeautyMarch2015Springtime in New Orleans, when it’s usually warm and humid, is the best time to get a handle on your skincare regimen. Here are our tips to refresh your face for a healthy and glowing look.

Shell out for premium exfoliation. If you spent all winter slathering your face with moisturizer to combat dry skin, you’re probably in dire need of a facial. Splurge and take your skin one step further with manual exfoliation — either with microdermabrasion or dermaplaning.

What is dermaplaning? Your aesthetician will use a blade to gently and painlessly exfoliate the top layer of skin to remove dead skin and peach fuzz. This technique, when done properly, is less irritating to the skin than microdermabrasion — so it’s great for those with sensitive skin. Trust us — it’s scarier than it sounds! Afterward, your moisturizer will sink right in. Speaking of moisturizer …

Use SPF moisturizer daily. We mean it. How many times have you bought a new SPF, vowed to use it every day — and then let it languish inside the bathroom cabinet while you skipped straight to your BB cream or liquid foundation? Sun damage happens slowly, over time. Establish a rock-solid daily SPF habit by linking your moisturizer application to another part of your morning routine, such as brushing your teeth.

Boost and brighten with fish oil. It might just be our love affair with the health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids, but rumor has it that eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) — a type of omega-3 that’s found in fish oil — helps regulate skin’s oil production. So give your face a hand this spring as your skin adapts to the weather, and be sure to check out this month’s Eat Smart column for more on omega-3s! –Lianna Patch