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Dr. Stephen A. Champlin, MD


A local OB/GYN helps two special women experience one of life’s most important milestones.

DrStephenAChamplinWhen you deliver babies on a regular basis, you have plenty of reason to smile. This is one of the reasons why Dr. Stephen A. Champlin, OB/GYN of East Jefferson Women’s Care at EJGH, says he chose Obstetrics and Gynecology.

“It’s such a happy field! I love delivering babies, but it’s also nice to be around young, happy couples. I enjoy being a part of their lives and helping them expand their family.”

There are two patients in particular who bring a smile to Dr. Champlin’s face each time he sees them, Rene Redmann and her best friend, Amy Dubuc. At age 25, Rene was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She battled through the disease, with Amy by her side, and in time, the cancer was in remission and she was pronounced “cancer-free.” Five years later, Rene was once again diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Rene and her husband Daniel decided to have her embryos frozen so that, in time, when they were ready, they could start a family. Unfortunately, the treatments made Rene’s ability to become pregnant unsafe and unlikely. Throughout the second bout of cancer, again, her friend Amy was at her side.

In the Spring of 2014, Amy and her husband Michael surprised Rene and Daniel with an incredibly generous offer. Amy, who already has four children of her own, told Rene she wanted to carry one of Rene’s eggs to fruition.

“There are no words to describe what our amazing friends are doing for us,” says Rene. “There is nothing on this earth we can give them that would ever come close to the gift of life they are giving us!”

Dr. Champlin is the OB/GYN for both women. Throughout the pregnancy, both Rene and Amy, often joined by their husbands, attend the ongoing checkups and appointments with Dr. Champlin. In all his years of practicing medicine, Dr. Champlin says he has never experienced anything quite like this. “To see, first-hand such a generous and selfless act was something that touched me and my entire staff very deeply.”

Dr. Stephen Champlin is a Board-Certified OB/GYN who has practiced at East Jefferson General Hospital for nearly 20 years. In that time, he has delivered hundreds of babies but admits none have made the dramatic impact on his staff that this one has. He and his staff are truly inspired by this selfless act of friendship, and Dr. Champlin is looking forward to delivering this little baby who is already so loved by so many.

“This child will grow up all his or her life knowing, just as the mother and father do, that true friendship may be rare, but it truly does exist!”

Medical School: University of Alabama School of Medicine, 1991
Residency: Tulane University at Charity Hospital
Board Certifications: Board-certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Memberships: Member of the Louisiana State Medical Society and the Greater New Orleans Obstetrics and Gynecology Society. He is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at LSU Health Science Center and a Clinical Faculty Member for East Jefferson Family Practice Residency Program

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