Spring Forward


Air out and enliven your space — summer is coming.

SpacesMay2015If we’re not careful, May can sneak up on us here in New Orleans. Wasn’t it just April a minute ago? And June will be here sooner than we expect. Taken all together, these spring-to-summer months tend to blend — so, for the sake of our sanity, we need to distinguish each month from one other.

Give yourself a mental refresh, and avoid a May meltdown by inviting new colors, patterns and energy into your house. Don’t break out the contractor’s phone number just yet though! You can execute these tips all by yourself … or with a little help from your friends.

Create a new secret space. There’s something refreshing about knowing you have a secret, and the same can go for your home. Try wallpapering the inside of a closet for a joyful pop of color every time you open the door, or try painting the insides of your kitchen cabinets a deep, vivid blue.

Throw a floral fete. Invite a few pals over for a party — but, instead of asking them to contribute food and drink, ask each guest to bring a small, colorful plant. By the end of the night, everyone will have had a chance to enjoy the lovely pop-up garden, and you’ll have a bright, fragrant memento of an enjoyable evening with friends.

Remake your bed. Nothing changes the feel of a room like a fresh set of bedding, especially in lace or a floral pattern. Can’t spring for all-new linens right now? Go for a duvet and matching shams over the sheets you already have.

Paint the ceiling! There’s no reason ceilings must be white. To instantly lift your spirits sky-high, paint the ceiling of your bedroom, living room or both in pale blue. If you’d like to take it a step further, contract a faux-finishing artist to create a true trompe l’oeil illusion, complete with clouds, birds, the sun or stars.

Hang mirrors. Mirrors don’t just keep us from leaving the house with spinach in our teeth. Placed strategically, they can open up even the smallest space. Hang two of the biggest mirrors you can find directly across from each other, and watch your world expand.

Clean out your closet. Yes, this time-honored spring-cleaning staple made it onto the list — and that’s because it works. Take an hour or two to set aside cold-weather items for storage or donation, and free up your mind along with your closet space. No more searching for summer sundresses between winter coats!

Grow a faux tree. If you don’t have the space or the inclination to care for a full-sized indoor tree, try placing a vase of blossoming branches atop your tallest bookshelf. Voila: You’ve got an instant overhead canopy with nearly zero maintenance required.

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