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Style: July 2015


This Little Piggy – If you can’t stand the heat, then move.

shoptalkJuly2015We have approached the halfway mark to autumn, and the heat and humidity are so bad that your hair and clothes are stuck to your body like a wet flannel blanket. You are not a handsome sight, and these stifling temperatures have you feeling a little crazier than usual. We are living in an urban tropical rainforest; our gargantuan indigenous insects could be used as body doubles for the Jurassic Park summer blockbuster and, on any given afternoon, a colossal monsoon will make you want to build an arc. It is imperative that if you are going to survive the steamy New Orleans climate, you must embrace your inner Girl Scout and be prepared.

One of the most important things you can do for yourself, particularly in the summer months, is to take care of your feet. Sweat, dirt and improper or ill-fitting footwear can cause blisters and calluses. When going to market, we advise keeping those piggies pretty — with a great pair of shoes and a proper pedicure. We are fixated on the following local loves this month, both of which address the woes of your achy feet.

Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes

Christine and Roger Javier thought the Lakeside area was lacking some retail therapy when it came to on-trend, stylish-yet-affordable footwear. Christine always wanted to open a shoe store, and her dream became a reality last year with the opening of Nola Shoes & Accessories. “I love shoes … what woman does not love shoes?” she exclaims. Even more comical about this business venture is her partner’s fascination with footwear. “What is funny is my husband, Roger, loves shoes more than I do!” Nola Shoes & Accessories opened last September and carries the hottest trends to date — as well as your wardrobe staples, like the classic nude pump.

Christine appreciates the value in shopping. “It is not necessary to spend a fortune on a cute and trendy pair of shoes,” she says. “Why buy one pair of expensive trendy shoes when you can have 10?” The Javiers are a joy to be around, and this husband-and-wife team can convert everyone into shoe addicts. This is a super friendly boutique that also carries marvelous accessories, like Kendra Scott Jewelry and SavvyRoot Accessories. You will always encounter a smiling face when you arrive, and you will leave with an even bigger grin with all of your new finds! 3252 Severn Ave., Metairie, (504) 454-6652, facebook.com/nola.shoes


The Dogs are Barking

Listed as No. 1 on the ALG guilty-pleasures list is a good pedicure — closely followed by a current issue of Us Weekly, good tequila, blow-outs and eyelash extensions. We are huge fans of the i’Land PediSpa in Lakeview. When the dogs are barking and in need of some maintenance, Tutie Ngueyn and her courteous staff promise their treatments will leave you looking and truly feeling better. Their services rival the most luxurious spas, yet cost a fraction of the price. “We offer various types of pedicures to help keep your feet in great shape for summer,” Ngueyn says. “We also have organic products and treatments.” Not only are her pedicures lavish and an incredible value, her salon is lovely. We adore the open space and huge windows for people watching. Enjoy the baby-strolling mommas, the Starbucks Coffee patrons, and ahem … the firefighters walking up and down Harrison Avenue. Good times.

In addition to endless nail treatments and every latest nail product and hue, i’Land PediSpa offers blow-outs, lash extensions and spray tans by appointment. In reality, you can walk in looking like you rolled out of bed and leave ready for the red carpet. 826 Harrison Ave., (504) 305-6833

We hope you can power though this makeup melting month with some treats from our local retailers. Stay cool! Look hot! Happy shopping!

–Aimée Gowland and Corrie Pellerin, ALG Style