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See the Light! Erase the signs of aging with IPL facials.


Sure, signs of aging are a fact of life — and there’s something to be said for aging gracefully — but today’s advances in technology offer non-invasive, effective treatment methods for turning back the clock. Or at least helping you look like you did!

Beautysept2015What is an IPL facial?
An intense pulsed light facial is a non-invasive, gentle way to address signs of aging on the face, neck and chest. IPL facials improve skin texture and complexion by shrinking the appearance of large pores, and plumping up fine lines by stimulating collagen production, giving your skin a radiant, luminous appearance. IPL can also lighten brown spots, correct uneven pigment and fight rosacea.

How do these facials work?
IPL facials use fluorescent pulsed light to effectively treat a variety of skin concerns, ranging from skin redness, flushing and rosacea to irregular skin pigmentation, sun damage, and acne and age spots. When the light reaches pigmented areas, it damages the melanin that gives the skin its uneven tone. When the light reaches vascular lesions, it targets the broken blood vessels, helping reduce redness and rosacea.

Who can benefit?
IPL facials require no downtime, making them ideal for busy moms and those with active lifestyles. An IPL facial treatment takes between 20 to 30 minutes, so you can even schedule one over your lunch break. Everyone’s skin is different, but most people see results after three to five treatments very four weeks.

How long will my results last?
With good skincare, you can maintain the effects of your IPL facial for a substantial amount of time. To maintain results, most clients return for additional treatments every two years.

Are there any risks or side effects?
You should discontinue use of products containing vitamin A (Retin-A), glycolic acid and alpha hydroxy acid three to five days before your facial, and avoid being in the sun for a prolonged length of time for the entire span of your treatment series. You should also stop using sunless tanners. Following your treatment, you may look slightly red or shiny, and your skin may feel tight.