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Mind + Body: September 2015


In Good Hands: This neighborhood physical therapy clinic aims to treat pain and restore health.

MindandBodySept2015For more than 10 years, Randy and Cherie Rose have helmed Therapy Coverage LLC, a local company that contracts occupational, speech and physical therapy to home health agencies throughout New Orleans and Metairie. However, after Hurricane Katrina, the husband-and-wife-team felt a need to help rebuild the Lakeview area. So, with their success in the home health field, they decided to expand into outpatient therapy with the opening of City Park Physical Therapy in July 2013. It was the first outpatient facility to open in the area after Katrina.

The approximately 1,850 square-foot clinic is home to a staff of physical therapists with more than 60 years of combined experience. “Our clinic sees approximately 300 to 400 patients per month,” Randy says. “We have three physical therapists on staff who treat orthopedic and neurological injuries and diseases on a daily basis. We have another physical therapist who specializes in lymphedema therapy. We also have two occupational therapists, one who specializes in hand therapy, and one who specializes in pelvic-floor therapy for urinary incontinence.” Other areas of expertise include amputee rehab and spinal rehab.

“In all of our treatments, our primary focus is manual therapy — using our hands to restore normal biomechanical function in the joints and muscles of the individual,” Randy says. “Some of the equipment we use to supplement manual therapy includes cervical and lumbar traction, ultrasound, interferential electric stimulation, bio-feedback, iontophoresis and kinesio joint taping.”

The number of positive patient reviews on City Park Physical Therapy’s Website is a testament to the clinic’s continued focus on the individual patient and building a treatment plan around their specific goals. “We strive to rebuild the health of the patient, not just to treat an injury or a painful joint, but to restore normal function and reduce pain,” Randy says. “We tell our patients that if they develop a new problem or start to feel an old injury again after being discharged, they are always welcome to schedule a free consultation. In fact, anyone is welcome to come in for a free consultation with one of our experienced therapists.” 5559 Canal Blvd., (504) 309-5811, cityparkpt.com

Planning Ahead: Prenatal vitamins go a long way in providing benefits for both Mom and baby.

A recent infographic published by LabDoor — an online review service that helps consumers research, find and buy the best supplements — shows the importance of prenatal vitamins in reducing infant mortality. According to Pasha Gurevich, CEO of LabDoor, an estimated four million babies will be born in the United States over the next year. Of those, one in nine will be born pre-term, a leading cause of developmental delays and neurological disabilities in children.

According to the infographic, birth defects occur in about 3 percent of all live births and are the second leading cause of infant mortality behind prematurity. They account for 20.9 percent of all infant deaths in the United States. Another key finding is that more than 95 percent of women are deficient in folate — a vitamin that helps reduce the risk of autism spectrum disorder, cleft lip and palate deformities, cardiac disease and neural tube defects in children. To help address the nutrient deficiencies that cause many of these health issues, the U.S. Public Health Service now recommends that all women capable of becoming pregnant consume 400 µg of folic acid daily, and ensure adequate iron and calcium levels. labdoor.com