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Less Attitude, More Gratitude


Follow these tips to attract more happiness, success and wealth into your life.

BusinessAttitudeGratitude will change your life. We live in a complex world, filled with ups and downs, and seemingly infinite uncertainty. Too often, we ignore what we have, and we worry instead about the unknown. Showing thanks every day for what you have will lead you to a life with greater energy and optimism, and open a doorway to success.

Modern psychologists, the time-tested lessons of Napoleon Hill and the law of attraction prove just how powerful a tool of gratitude can be. However, truly being thankful for everything you have isn’t an overnight fix. To harness the power of such positive thinking, you must consciously focus your energy on this task. Don’t wait until Thanksgiving to show thanks. Do it every day, in every part of your life!

Be thankful for your business, job, spouse, children, family, friends, health — whatever you have, appreciate it. Not everything may be perfect, but be thankful for where you are. In addition, remove all bitterness from your life. Instead of being angry about something you don’t have, be optimistic that you will achieve it. By building a life centered on gratitude, you will be able to focus a new wealth of positive energy on reaching your dreams.

There’s a lot in favor of showing gratitude. Psychology studies show that individuals hold the power to cultivate gratitude themselves, which leads to increased happiness, wellbeing and optimism. What psychologists discovered here isn’t exactly new.

Famed author and thinker, Napoleon Hill, writer of the best-selling book, Think and Grow Rich, discovered through interviews of America’s top business leaders just how important the right mentality is. Hill discovered, after interviewing such men as Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford, that by increasing optimism and decreasing negativity, even the hardest goals become within reach. Hill’s 1937 book examines in detail the biggest factors of success, the core of which are focusing on goals and eliminating negative energy.

Hill’s groundbreaking discovery caught like wildfire; initial prints sold out nearly immediately, and, to date, Think and Grow Rich is the 11th highest selling book of all time at over 70 million copies. Beyond the experts, everyday people learned of Hill’s teachings and applied them to their own lives, quite literally, thinking and growing rich because of it. How then, should one apply the core tenets of Hill’s work? Again, gratitude is the answer.

On Thanksgiving Day, Americans gather around their dinner tables and give thanks for all they have. We feel good sharing our thanks with loved ones, and reflecting upon all that we are grateful for. Why then, do we do this just one day a year? What would happen if we reflected upon our position in life everyday? Well, for starters, we would be happier and wealthier.

Appreciate what you have. Look around you, and be thankful for everything you see. Being happy for what you have, opposed to obsessing over the newest iPhone or a coworker’s new car, will allow you to cultivate positive energy within yourself — an infinitely useful tool. With this positive power, you can now focus on achieving goals you have long desired.

Once you establish gratitude in your day-to-day life by being thankful for your children, job, spouse and friends, make sure you remove all bitterness about objects you don’t own. Now that all negative energy is gone, and all positive energy is built up, focus on what you want to attract in your life. If you are looking for a raise as work, then every day, show up confident and positive, and, by putting your best self into your work, your positivity will be rewarded. This is the law of attraction, your positive energy will be matched by positive outcomes in life. Conversely, if you are negative and bitter, then you will find negatively throughout your life. This is why showing gratitude is key!

Tell your loved ones that you are thankful for them; realize all the great little parts of your life and embrace them. No one’s life is perfect, but be thankful for where you are and what you have. With gratitude, your life will change for the better.

Five Steps to a Happier and More Grateful You

1.      Meditate: It’s imperative to meditate and reflect for at least 15 minutes per day on the blessings that are prevalent in your life and the things that you are grateful for, as well as picturing yourself in the future accomplishing your goals and desires.

2.      Start every day by giving thanks to each component of your being: the physical body; the emotional self; the intellectual self; and the spiritual self.

3.      Thank the people in your life that have contributed to your success and happiness, and thank them often.

4.      Write in a daily journal or use an app on your phone to document what you are grateful for, as well as your goals and desires for the future.

5.      Be happy and praise others for their success and happiness.