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Dressing or Stuffing?


In the spirit of all things pumpkin spice, ALG Style has completely embraced fall fashion. It is finally time to pull on those tall boots, wrap up in the must-have long vest of the season and slip on some buttery suede.

styleNOV2015It’s fall y’all! Thank goodness for oversized outerwear, because we have not met a sweet potato or salted caramel anything we did not like. When it comes to autumn style, appreciate the actuality that you can binge on turducken yet look fashionable in your fringed poncho and flared denim with Lycra.

Oui! Oiu!

New and noteworthy to our boutique shopping scene is Peony Nola. Located near the corner of Jackson and Magazine streets, this beautiful, sweet and elegant store brings us all the splendor of Paris. Owners Jennifer Atkins and Crickett Lapeyre marry their retail and design backgrounds to create the most enchanted shopping experience. Modern twists on the Victorian slip dress, contemporary attire for women, delectable home goods, fine children’s clothing and delicate faux fur coats are just a few peerless pieces located inside the store. From the moment you cross the threshold, you are transported from the bustling sidewalk into a lovely retail voyage that will capture the attention of all your senses.

The space and all its contents are picturesque and truly Southern. However, you get the sensation that you are traveling the enchanted countrysides of France, Spain and Morocco — but in your daydream, the next stopover happened to be New Orleans.

Atkins sought to mesh her affection for fashion with her love of travel. Peony Nola was conceived partly because of the children’s clothing line that she and Lapeyre started under the same name. The two women established Peony Clothing to provide fine crafted heirloom garments for babies and young children. After touting their wares for a couple of fashion seasons, opening a brick and mortar location was a natural progression of the Peony brand. Atkins and Lapeyre scoured the streets of Europe with their children on holiday this summer; it was then that these two very clever, artistic and businesses-minded individuals put the idea of Peony Nola into motion.

Local artist Kaki Foley, who is known for transforming spaces and ordinary items into the extraordinary, was involved with the store design. “Kaki Foley is able to extract your thoughts and make them real.” Atkins says. Foley’s handcrafted creations make one want to escape to see what is inside charmed heads and mystical worlds. Kaki, complemented by artwork by Elaine Gleason, was able to take the images inside Atkins’ mind and bring Peony to life. The ethereal and ghost-like 18th-century piano covered in moss is enticing and longs to be touched. Chandeliers, tablescapes, hardware and dressing rooms look like little fantasies-turned-reality.

Atkins and Lapeyre wanted Peony to be accessible to all shoppers. “Peony is multigenerational,” Atkins says. “We can address the needs of a mother-of-the-bride, someone looking for a beautiful baby gift, and a carpool momma who just wants to look and feel cute!” Peony carries stunning items in a variety of price points; sweet day dresses; reasonably priced, on-trend vests; and pieces that might be necessary for a swanky cocktail gathering. The duo’s welcoming personalities and muse-cum-manager, Tessa Rowe, can most undoubtedly find you a posh and comfortable ensemble for your Thanksgiving Day dinner.

An added glorious bonus, Peony is also nestled among some of our other favorite hot spots: Clover Boutique, District Donuts (do you know they have iced coffee on tap?) and Stein’s Market & Deli. This has to be our most favorite corner ever on Magazine Street! Peony Nola, 2240 Magazine St., Ste. 102, (504) 300-7908, peonynola.com

Gobble, gobble and happy shopping!

–Aimée Gowland and Corrie Pellerin, ALG Style
*Photos by Tessa Rowe and Kate Gardner