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Trendsetters: February 2016


Check out these sartorial savvy tastemakers, stylish ideas and wardrobe solutions, brought to you by New Orleans Fashion Week!
TrendsettersFeb2016“Hey Mista! Betcha I can tell you where you got dem shoes!”

We’re putting a spin on a classic question often heard in the French Quarter by bringing stylish footwear to some of the hautest workout locations in New Orleans. Find your footing this spring season in the gym. And, when out of the gym, stay one step ahead of the game with footwear that will elevate your style to the next level!

1ST LOOK – April Dupre (model) – Footprints To Fitness
Shoes: Sneaker in buff perforated leather with black suede and gold heel tab by Loeffler Randall from Emma’s Shoes & Accessories Outfit: White core racer top, endurance sports bra and blue print NOLA crop bottoms from tasc Performance

April Dupre, Footprints To Fitness | Yoga and Fitness Trainer

Fitness Gym/Program
“We are New Orleanians! No secret that we love to eat, drink and dance to the beat of our own drum! Footprints To Fitness creates an environment that promotes living a fun and balanced life, while staying true to our New Orleans culture. The workout program is designed to be high energy, including styles such as yoga, Pilates, HIIT, barre, calisthenics and strength training. The goal is to “Join the Journey” with you to living a healthier lifestyle.”

What inspired you to create your studio/program here in New Orleans?
“I’m a true New Orleanian who loves crawfish, sno-balls and beignets, so I understand the struggle to stay healthy. Footprints To Fitness was started to help others realize that life is about balance. You truly can have that beignet and eat it too.”

What is your favorite fashion trend for 2016?
“Workout apparel makes up a large part of my wardrobe. I love transitional workout pieces and brands like tasc Performance that don’t compromise quality to bring great style to active wear. Fashion that I can work out in then immediately meet my friends for happy hour is a perfect fit for me.”

What is your top pick for a must-have workout song on any fitness playlist?
“‘Yoga’ by Janelle Monáe hands down. It’s such a catchy song with a great baseline and awesome vocals. It’s on repeat on my playlist!”

2nd LOOK – Becky Hardin (model) – City Surf
Shoes: Nude leather, lace-up tassel sandal by L.K. Bennett from Emma’s Shoes & Accessories Outfit: Fatigue green mesh fabric-paneled pants from lululemon athletica

Becky Hardin, Owner | Trainer, City Surf Fitness

Fitness Gym/Program
“City Surf is a group fitness concept, featuring six different classes that are all done on stability surfboards. The programs range from yoga and barre, to bootcamp, circuits and strength training. It works your entire body, while improving your agility and balance, plus having a blast while doing it.”

What inspired you to create your studio/program here in New Orleans?
“Growing up in South Florida and going to college in a surf town, the ocean and the surf culture is in my DNA. Living in New Orleans for over five years now, the one thing missing in my life was the ocean and surf culture that had always been a big part of my life. So opening a City Surf studio was a no brainer — I could combine the three things I love: surfing; fitness; and NOLA! There’s nothing conventional about NOLA, so why should the way we work out be conventional as well?”

What is your favorite workout mantra?
“Get your ass to class.”

What is your best tip for staying stylish, while working to stay fit?
“Comfort and style. A great fitting pair of workout pants can totally inspire you to get your ass to class. I’m diggin’ these olive green moto inspired pants from lululemon.”

What is your top pick for a must-have workout song on any fitness playlist?
“‘Ignition (Viceroy Remix)’ — a little R. Kelly never gets old. Right?”

3rd LOOK – Rachel Songy (model) – Prime Fitness RX
Shoes: Gray suede open-toe bootie by rag & bone from Emma’s Shoes & Accessories Outfit: Gray long sleeve pullover top, sports support tank under and blue print stretch yoga pants from lululemon athletica

Sacha Owens, Owner | Trainer, Prime Fitness RX

Fitness Gym/Program
“We offer an energetic, modern full-service fitness facility, including private showers, lockers and dry sauna, live DJ sets. This is all set in a clean, sleek, low-light environment that has been described as the boutique gym where ‘New York meets Miami on Julia Street.’”

Favorite Workout Mantra:
“I can. I will. I must.”

What is the best advice you have for someone trying to get in shape?

What inspired you to create your studio/program here in New Orleans?
“I developed my vision and gathered creative inspiration on trips to Manhattan, Miami and Los Angeles, took what stood out to me from each and added a little touch of NOLA to it (of course). Our facility is hand crafted at every turn. PFRX, a true vision quest, from which, at one time, only existed in my imagination, to what you can experience in the flesh today.”

What the best excuse you’ve heard for why someone missed a workout?
“I got a call from a client at 8 a.m. apologizing that she would have to miss her 9 a.m. session because her father just informed her that they were moving to Atlanta and she needed to pack.”

What is your favorite fashion trend for 2016?
“Silhouette tops, one shoulder tops, halter tops or anything off-the-shoulder. We make sexy shoulders and arms at PFRX, so let’s show them off!”

4th LOOK – Madeline Brannon Spiers (model) – Tour Cycle Studio
Shoes: Espadrille in silver perforated leather with black leather cap-toe by Loeffler Randall from Emma’s Shoes & Accessories Outfit: Teal flowy top, gray and black floral cinch side, crop pants from tasc Performance

Madeline Brannon Spiers, Owner | Trainer, Tour Cycle Studio

Fitness Gym/Program
“Tour Cycle Studio is New Orleans’ first and only boutique indoor cycling studio. With 35 Schwinn bikes, stadium seating and a spectacular LED light show, it promises to inspire a vibrant mind, able body and a happy heart! Tour offers group indoor cycling classes guided by instructors through a heart-pumping, music-thumping, interval cardio workout complete with free-weight upper body exercise.”

What should people consider when choosing a workout regimen?
“Physical limitations. Challenge, but don’t injury yourself. Cycling is low-impact, which makes it a great option for all ages! And remember to mix it up! From cycling to yoga to running a local race, it keeps your workout fun and fresh!”

Favorite Workout Mantra:
“You have a choice. You can throw in the towel, or you can use it to wipe the sweat off your face.”

What is the best advice you have for someone trying to get in shape?
“Set a goal, and take it one day at a time.”

Describe your studio/program in three words.
Vibrant, exhilarating, inspiring.

How would you describe the New Orleans fitness scene?
“Growing! In the past five years, boutique fitness has been expanding like crazy! I love it!”

Photographer: Eduardo Benitez
Stylist: Tracee Dundas
Assistance: Katy Sandusky
Fashions: Emma’s Shoes & Accessories, lululemon athletica, tasc Performance