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Hydrate Your Skin


The up-and-coming HydraFacial treatment promises results without inflaming your skin.

BeautyMarch2016Does softer, brighter and younger-looking skin without the inflammation typical of conventional treatments sound too good to be true? HydraFacial is a 20- to 30-minute customizable procedure offered by dermatologists and medical spas (including Salon Senoj in Metairie) that works for all skin types and treats a number of skin concerns.

These include fine lines and wrinkles; skin elasticity and firmness; skin tone evenness and vibrancy; skin texture; hyperpigmentation and photo damage; oily or congested skin; enlarged pores; and advanced signs of aging. Best of all, the exfoliation, acid peel and extraction processes, which normally cause inflammation and discomfort, are painless.

The treatment begins with cleansing and exfoliation using a small deplaning tool to open pores and remove the upper layer of debris and dead skin cells. A gentle, non-stinging acid peel with no post-peel scaling follows, and then the extraction process uses a patented vacuum-like vortex extraction nozzle and a special serum of natural extracts. The experience ends with the vortex-fusion tool, which nourishes and replenishes skin with a serum high in antioxidants and collagens to rehydrate and improve elasticity.

If you’re a fan of the customary no-pain-no-gain facial treatments, continue with your beauty regimen. But if you’re looking for a painless yet still effective alternative, HydraFacial could be your answer to healthy, vibrant skin. Salon Senoj, 101 Aris Ave., Metairie, (504) 835-5500, salonsenojdayspa.com