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Brows Straighten Up


Will you raise a brow at this trending makeup technique?

beautyapril2016A trending Korean makeup technique, known as straight brows, is currently all the rage for people hoping to add a fresh, youthful look to their face. The style is a fuller, straighter brow that can either be straight from beginning to end or straight from beginning to arch with a soft curve from the arch to the end.

If you already have a naturally fuller brow and/or a face that is softer, rounder and youthful, straight brows are an easy switch that can help maintain the balance of your face’s composition. But if your face has a strong angular bone structure with a prominent forehead, cheekbones and jawline, straight brows could be too harsh and could harden your overall look. As women age, the emphasis tends to be on softening and lightening features, and straight brows may be too sharp and extreme.

Want to try it for yourself? Test out the look by first using concealer on the area you’d tweeze to see if the straight brow works for your facial structure. If so, start by tweezing a few hairs from the top of your natural brow arch. Underneath the arch, let that area fill in naturally, or fill in with a liner to create the straight line shape. Trim or tweeze a few hairs off the ends of your brow to carry the straight line look from beginning to end.