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Mother’s Day Massage


This is the one gift that any mom will be grateful to receive. 
BeautyMay2016The physical reality of mothering little ones is that, by the end of the day, a mom can feel a little “touched out.” Unless, of course, that touch comes from a certified massage therapist.

Trust us on this fellas, a gift certificate for a massage is the golden ticket this Mother’s Day. After all, when is the last time that special mom in your life had a day more productive than just brushing her teeth and keeping the kids alive? She’s your super hero — able to leap tall laundry piles in a single bound. She’s effortlessly added vocabulary words like spit-up, weaning and potty to her educated brain. She carried those humans for nine months inside her for stretched-skin’s sake! (The woman needs a break.)

On a more serious note, massage can go beyond just ache-and-pain relief, and actually remove metabolic waste and constipation from a tired-out body. And as a pure bonus, massage releases endorphins (the natural pain killers and euphoria-inducers produced by our nervous systems). Massage can combat frustration, exhaustion and hormonal imbalance. Massage is cheaper than therapy. Let’s face it … the gift of massage is like a gift you give yourself. Because if momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!