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More Than Skin Deep


Hair is only half of it for local stylist icon Beverly Daigle.

BeautyJune2016Stylist Beverly Daigle has won a lot of awards, but she still started to bawl like a baby when she heard about her Helen Brett Pinnacle Award. Especially when they told her she would receive it on May 13.

The number 13 holds a special place in her heart for a number of reasons. Her father’s World War II unit was Doolittle Raiders Bomb Crew 13. Her dad died on Nov. 13. Her airport gate while visiting the oldest living member of her dad’s unit? A-13. “My Dad always told me, ‘If you ever get an award, I will always be there,’” she says. “I’ve travelled down many avenues to get to the throne. I’m so blessed.”

Daigle received the award at the Helen Brett International Merchandise Show for her decades of dedication to the beauty industry as well as her commitment to the community through volunteer work. You name it, she’s donated her time to it: St. Michael Special School for Children, the Lions Club Telethon, the Magnolia School, the AiDS committee, St. Baldrick’s Head-Shave for Cancer, Dominican College, Dress for Success … she even created and led the Cut-a-Thon for Camp Sunshine. “People ask me to help and 99 percent of the time I usually do it,” she says. “It will always come back to you.”

Besides, she just loves people. And through her 38 years at John Jay Salon, it shows. “I love what I do,” she says. “I love making people pretty. I’ve got the rare opportunity — other than a doctor — to literally touch someone. Through that, I choose to use the right tools to give a person the guidance they need to be the best they can be.”