Fitness at Any Age


Kelly Personal Training tailors workouts to fit your specific needs.


JohnKellyPersonalTrainerOriginally from Pennsylvania, it was a teaching position that drew John Kelly to New Orleans in 1980. He taught for 22 years in Orleans Parish schools and at the University of New Orleans. Growing up as an athlete, he was always involved with fitness. His first job was at a health club in Gretna in 1980.

It wasn’t until 2002 that Kelly decided to open his own fitness studio, dubbed Kelly Personal Training, which is located in Uptown at Soniat and Danneel streets. There is also a second location in Austin, Texas. Both locations offer a strength training program that people of any fitness level or any age can do.

“Our oldest client was 95,” Kelly says. “We have extensive lines of highly specialized exercise equipment that allows us make fine adjustments to accommodate those with all sorts of limitations. You build up to these exercise sessions slowly. Each week you do a little bit more than you are used to handling (a requirement if the body is to change).”

The exercise sessions consists of 25 to 30 minutes of non-stop exercise, working all of the major muscle groups. “At the end, your pulse will be high; your muscles will be spent; and the endorphin release will have the aches and pains leaving your body,” Kelly says. “There’s an amazed feeling of well being. Sessions are usually done once a week. Each week, you will come back stronger with more endurance. We also have aerobic equipment that is free to clients without an appointment.”

For Kelly, his weekly regime takes a little over one hour. He does one strength-training session and two 20-minute sessions on a bike. However, he gets the greatest satisfaction from providing value that will positively change lives and the lasting friendships that result from his work.

On Staying Motivated

“The effort, self-discipline and little bit of weekly time involved are well worth the value of feeling good and not being plagued by a long list of health conditions,” Kelly says. “My weekly regime takes a little over an hour. I feel the best I have felt in decades.”

His Fuel

“A low carb diet has worked well for me,” Kelly says. “I limit foods that are addicting to me, like bread and sweets. My doctor says my numbers are off-the-chart good. Guilty pleasures? I make my own nut butter with a variety of nuts, seeds and other ingredients.”

Success Story

“A woman in her mid-50’s had pronounced scoliosis and was diagnosed with osteopenia 15 years earlier,” Kelly says. “She lived with pain every day. She began exercising with us, and her pain went away. She was able to attend dance classes again. Her latest bone density reading revealed she no longer has osteopenia. She lives pain-free and has restored years to her career and enhanced her quality of life.”

Wise Words

“It is not necessary to spend hours in the gym each week in drudgery,” Kelly says. “Don’t see how much exercise you can withstand; instead find the least amount that produces a positive change and just stick to it. Make modest changes in your diet, and engage in an activity you enjoy — yoga, dance, bike riding, whatever. This is a plan most people can maintain for the long term. If you do, your health will be profoundly changed, and you will able to do things you have not done in years.” kellypersonaltraining.com