Dyed ’Dos


Hair color explosion hits the city.

beautyoct2016What’s with the cotton-candy Kool-Aid colored hair gone wild on the streets of NOLA this year?

What started on the pop stage with Katie Perry and Nicki Minaj spread to a few rogue dip-dyed streaks and has gone mainstream to include all-over, vivid rainbow brights.

Where better to check in on a hair dye phenomenon than Rocket Science Salon in the Marigny? Owner and retired stylist, Megan Lunz, estimates that at least 30 percent of her female customers sport some sort of fun shade. She thinks many women give color a whirl with a Mardi Gras wig; like what they see; and then are ready to go all in.

“I can’t be sure, but I’m guessing we do a lot more bold and bright color in New Orleans than the rest of the country, besides maybe New York,” Lunz says. “We costume for every occasion, and, even in real life, no one bats an eye at crazy hair or outfits. That’s part of the allure of living here.”

Jewel-tone rainbow hair is trendy right now, as is lavender and silvery gray. Lunz predicts a toned-down deep denim and rose gold to be popular for fall.

Attraction to these rad hairdos is only growing despite time, cost and upkeep associated with the look. The hair has to first be bleached out completely before adding fashion color, and most stylists recommend touchups every six weeks plus the use of top-line hair products to preserve the hue.

Despite that, Lunz says, “Many people love, love, love the transformation and feeling of individuality they get from going a fun color!” 640 Elysian Fields Ave., (504) 218-8982, rocketsciencenola.com