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Fifth Avenue, Rodeo Drive, Champs-Élysées … Harrison Avenue?

artsoct2016If you’ve driven down Harrison Avenue in Lakeview lately, you’ll have noticed that there is something new popping up every other week. Blink once and there is another boutique, coffee shop or restaurant. Some of your favorite Magazine Street retailers have even moved to the ’burbs. This street, that stretches through the stunning City Park and ends close to Lake Pontchartrain, has certainly attracted some worthy investors. No need to hit up the see-and-be-seen spots on Magazine Street or the posh South Market District — you can shop and brunch with the best of ’em in 70124.

Now that the weather is starting to become crisp, it is quite delightful to stroll or bike ride from the park to the lake. Have some lunch; get a mani-pedi; and peruse the latest fall fashions. Harrison Avenue is an interesting amalgamation of old and new New Orleans. We love that Tastee McKenzie’s and District Donuts are a few blocks from each other; there is the ability to buy yard/Y’at art du jour at Little Miss Muffin; and it’s easy to stop by the coolest little toy shop down the street called Little Pnuts Toy Shoppe.

Forever first in ALG’s world is style, fashion and quality shopping. The newest installation on Harrison Avenue is Gia’s Boutique. Though not new to the retail scene, Dana Baumer opened the original Gia’s about two-and-a-half years ago on Magazine Street. Baumer initially wanted to have her store in Lakeview; however, because of logistics and red tape, she was forced to open up shop Uptown. Thrilled to finally be part of her neighborhood, Baumer is happy to have Gia’s Boutique on the list of trendy and trend-setting stores on Harrision Avenue. Located adjacent to District Donuts, Gia’s carries affordable fashion and accessories for all ages.

“The neighborhood is a mix of young college students that are renters, new families moving in and people like my 80-year-old neighbors that have never left Lakeview,” Baumer says. With the new space, Gia’s will be able to add more clothing as well as new merchandise for both children and pets. Baumer and her husband, Rene Baumer, who owns Metairie Small Hospital in Lakeview, are both huge pet lovers; they own five dogs. ALG looks forward to frequenting this hot and posh fashion spot.

ALG’s Haute List on Harrison Avenue
Angelique Lakeview
902 Harrison Ave.
(504) 304-9050

Fini Beauty Boutique
6250 General Diaz St. (one block off of Harrison Avenue)
(504) 304-0633

iLand PediSpa
826 Harrison Ave.
(504) 305-6833

Little Miss Muffin
766 Harrison Ave.
(504) 482-8200

Swoon Boutique
130 Harrison Ave.
(504) 516-2770

Little Pnuts Toy Shoppe
209 Harrison Ave.
(504) 627-5083

Gia’s Boutique
525 Harrison Ave.
(504) 302-9655

District Donuts
527 Harrison Ave.
(504) 827-1152

So it might be a wee bit of a stretch for us to compare Lakeview to the streets of Paris; nevertheless, we certainly shall enjoy a little bit of trés chic style from Angelique, Gia’s and Swoon with our frou frou iced, cold-drip brewed coffee on tap from District Donuts.

C’est bon! Happy Shopping!

–Aimée Gowland and Corrie Pellerin, ALG Style