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Glamour Glossary


Here’s an introduction to the trendiest terms in beauty today.

beautynov2016Another day; another trend. How’s a cutting-edge beauty fanatic supposed to keep up with the latest fashions? Step aside Merriam-Webster — this glamour glossary has what you need to know on the newest in head-to-toe beauty.

All selfie-savvy gals know that squinching — narrowing the distance between your lower lid and your pupil — gives you the aura of confidence and power. Wide-eyed pictures are oh so horror house these days.

Somewhere south of a bob and north of your collarbone lies the lob, or long bob haircut. Afraid of commitment? A few dozen bobby pins and deft hands — presto, faux bob!

This unconventional eye lining, applied below the upper lashes on the inside of the lash line ups the eye wow factor. Skip mascara or try root stamping (pressing the wand in to the base of the lashes for thicker product application) and a cut crease (extending eyeliner along the crease where your lids meet).

No ’Poo
Sounds like a dangerous medical condition! Shampoo is rough on your hair, so no ’poo fans swap for baking soda or even water every other day (or more) to give the scalp a chance to make those natural oils for healthier, stronger hair.

Clown Contouring
Contouring uses varying tones of shadowing and highlighting makeup, defining and flattering the face shape. Clown contouring starts out resembling face paint but blends flawlessly. There’s also tontouring (using self-tanner only in chiseled areas for more permanent highlighting), strobing (placing lightest makeup wherever sunlight would touch your face) and baking (wetting pressed powder in highlight areas, leaving it to dry and brushing it away). Try stylecaster.com for all the tips.

For the lazy or broke, making hair dye last is a challenge. Going ombré creates darker roots with gradual lightening toward the ends. Also try sombré (a more subtle, sun-kissed look), bronde (perfect brunette plus blonde mix) and balayage (foil-free sweep-painting for more natural highlights).

On Fleek
Most often describing perfectly groomed eyebrows, the word now extends to everything from breakfast burritos to biceps. Synonyms: on point, exactly right.