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It’s a new year, with a new president in a new America — make it a year for a new you as well.


businessjan2017For many reasons, 2016 will be a year we won’t soon forget. For all the good that came out of the past year — the election of a new president, the celebration of diversity at the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and the signing of a peace agreement in Colombia to end a decades-long civil war, to name a few — there was also plenty of pain and heartache. The outbreak of the Zika virus remains a global issue; ISIS continues to torment the Middle East and carry out terror attacks worldwide; and domestic terrorism, violence, racism and sexism still plague our nation even after years of progression. We lost many lives of people whose names are etched in world history, from leaders like Fidel Castro, Nancy Reagan and Shimon Peres to pop culture icons like David Bowie, Muhammad Ali and Prince. A new year is finally upon us, and it presents a grand opportunity for a fresh start.

It’s fairly difficult to move forward to the new year without reassessing the past. Many of us set goals and make New Year’s resolutions at the start of the year, but the success rate for achieving those resolutions can sometimes be slim. Hit the reset button; review the goals you made for the previous year; and redefine a few objectives that you can set out to achieve this year. They can be personal goals or professional milestones, simple changes of habits or challenging missions. Whatever it is you set out to improve in your life, make sure it’s within the realm of achievability. One of the most important facets of goal-setting is the timeline. Without a timeline, there is no sense of urgency created to meet your goal. Be reasonable in structuring your goal and disciplined in achieving it.

Indeed, 2017 has the potential to be a great year — and America’s future is bright. We have a new leader at the helm — President Donald Trump — and behind his executive leadership, we can expect to see some real change in this country. Our economy, which continues to add more jobs and put Americans back to work, is slated for serious growth under the president’s new policies. Trump’s emphasis on labor creation will be a driving force behind our economic welfare, and, coupled with the tax cuts he plans to implement, we’re looking at real money going into our pockets. I encourage you to grow with the country. Challenge the status quo, and don’t be afraid to take risks. Nothing in this world is ever achieved by people who don’t take risks.

Welcome to the new United States of America. Turn this year into the turning point of your life. You will have no better opportunity to start a business or buy a business and profit off the changing landscape of our country. There are no more government restrictions and regulations holding you back from achieving your goals. You are now in control of your future. It’s a new year, with a new president, in a new America!

Draw Your Life Map: This is Your Year!

Ask yourself, “What do I want to be remembered for?”
Discover your “why,” and make sure it serves a higher purpose.
Identify your end game; know your destination; and reverse-engineer your path to success.
Evaluate your goals daily, and remember that your thoughts lead to your behaviors and your behaviors lead to your actions.
Stick to a timeline, or risk having another wasted year.
Results come from regimen, discipline and responsibility.