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A Family Affair


Glago Law Firm treats each client as a family member, offering full-service attention every step of the way.
legalprofileglago-office-portraits-2016Though he has received many compliments over the years, one stands out to attorney Mark Glago as his favorite. And rather wise words to live by.

“At the end of a long trial, one of my opponents described me as a fierce competitor, yet always a gentleman,” Glago says. “Our law firm is known for taking cases to trial. We fight hard for every client, business or class we represent, and if the opponent does not offer a fair settlement, then we make sure that our client gets full recovery from the jury or judge. But we fight fair and we fight clean. At the end of the day, the Glago Law Firm name is associated with compassion and civility too.”

The Glago Law Firm is a full-service law firm representing Louisiana plaintiffs in civil litigation, including class actions, insurance disputes, serious personal injury, wrongful death and business litigation. As lead attorney, Glago has personally taken more than 170 cases to trial over the past 19 years, winning favorable verdicts in all but three.

For that reason and more, Glago has been awarded a Super Lawyers top attorney rating, Best Lawyers in America, National Trial Lawyers Top 100 and US News & World Report Best Law Firms in America, but says he’s by far more proud of his office colleagues who helped him secure the awards. His wife, Stacy Glago, is also a top attorney, and attorneys Jatavian Williams and Katherine May — along with paralegals Erin McMahon and Diana Meyer — round out the lead staff.

“Stacy was valedictorian of her class, so her intellect is keen,” Glago says. “She is an excellent lawyer, manager and confidante.”

As a local, New Orleans-based firm, Glago says he and his team understand firsthand the natural and man-made devastation endured by homeowners, business owners, property owners, seamen and others in recent years. And nothing makes him happier than helping clients recover the insurance money they deserve.

“I’m most proud of the trial results we obtained for business owners and homeowners after Hurricane Katrina,” Glago says. “I tried six of those cases and my clients were given full recovery in every one, plus bad faith penalties and attorneys’ fees in five out of the six.”

Glago says he has always pushed himself and exhibits the character traits “drive” and “determination” with a capital “D.” Exhibit A: He was president of his high school senior class, head of the National Honor Society, and captain of the varsity baseball and soccer teams. He graduated from the University of Richmond with Phi Beta Kappa honors, having triple-majored in political science, speech and sociology. He was also his college’s Rhodes Scholar nominee and received the Most Outstanding Graduate award. At the Tulane University School of Law (where he is now an associate professor), he was Managing Editor of the Tulane Law Review and again graduated with honors.

“I’ve always enjoyed being as busy as possible,” Glago says.

Part of the work-ethic is likely genetic. “My father, Sheldon Glago, is my No. 1 inspiration, because he taught me how to out-work others, yet still find the time to spend with your family,” he says. “He inspired me to teach our children, Julia and Jacqui, how to excel at school and grow as individuals. Thankfully, Julia and Jacqui are getting straight A’s, are presidents of their classes, and are caring and loving young ladies.”

Family is extremely important to Glago and that includes clients too. Their mission statement as a firm is to treat each client like they were a member of the family.

He cites one of his toughest but strongest examples: a 51-year-old woman who went to get an epidural steroid injection for pain in her neck. The doctor did not use fluoroscopy and the steroid was injected into her spinal cord, flowing to her brain, rendering her a permanent quadriplegic.

She could still feel pain but had total loss of bladder and bowel control. She went from being a full-time nurse making a six-figure income and a mother raising three children, to living immobilized in a nursing home. It took two years (with the physician fighting it the entire way) for the settlement. The money allowed her to return home to her family and have nursing care around the clock for the rest of her life.

“I cannot think of a more deserving injury victim, and she is still a close friend to this day,” Glago says. “I treated her like I would have treated my sister in the same condition, and it paid off.
“I love representing small business owners and individuals,” he adds. “That personal interaction and the opportunity to change someone’s life with a great case result is why I love going to work every day.”