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Beauty: To the Rescue


Beauty apps now help answer beauty questions in ways our mothers would have never imagined.


Closeup of a woman using smartphone at home
Closeup of a woman using smartphone at home

Gone are the days of guessing which shade looks best with your skin tone. No more wondering how to get that cat’s-eye liner look. There’s an app out there for every beauty need under the sun. Leave the grimy drug store sample smudges behind, and try one of these apps from the comfort of home.

GlamScout: Find makeup to match your favorite celeb or deconstruct the newest style. Upload a look you’d like to copy and the app will identify the makeup shades. It will even product-match across multiple brands and price points. Available on the iTunes app store

L’Oreal Makeup Genius: Put down that three-year-old lip gloss and pick up your phone. This app scans your facial features and instantly uploads a variety of shades for a virtual test-drive of a whole new look. You can smile or move and get the whole effect in real-time. And if you are in a store and want to try on a L’Oreal product? Scan the label and test it on your face through the app. Available on the iTunes app store

Misfit Shine: Now getting your beauty sleep is as easy as changing your makeup with this app’s sleep tracker smart alarm. You can also monitor food, activity and other health resolutions with the app’s specialized logs. Available at misfit.com

YouCam Selfie Makeover: Switch your look with a digital makeover. YouCam offers filters that flatter and make-overs that re-do you — hairstyles and dye jobs included. Choose from top-selling products to see if you like it before you buy it. Available on the iTunes app store

MATCHCo: This app provides convenience and customization in the palm of your hand. MATCHCo scans your skin tone and custom-blends a foundation to match your unique skin color, even one-click delivering it to your door. Available at getmatch.co
Keep Shopping: If you’re addicted and you know it, then your app is gonna show it. Set up a universal cart to purchase products at the same time from nearly every store imaginable — from Chanel to your local CVS. Available at keep.com