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First and foremost, local attorney Anthony J. Milazzo puts his focus on the client.

AnthonyMilazzoLegalProfileMarch2017Anthony J. Milazzo, III, is all too aware that when people call him, it is typically because something bad has happened in their lives. That’s why it’s his personal mission to apply his expertise and hard work to resolve people’s problems.

“I jokingly say that, in our line of work, nobody calls to tell you that they’ve had a good day,” Milazzo says. “When I am able to meet a client’s expectations and rectify the situation, it is extremely gratifying to see how thankful and relieved they are.”

As partner and a trial attorney at The King Firm, LLC, Milazzo practices in the area of civil litigation with a concentration in the areas of catastrophic personal injury, 18-wheeler accidents, motor vehicle accidents, slip or trip and falls, and property damage claims. He has successfully represented thousands of injured victims with awards ranging from $1,000 to more than $1 million.

Milazzo says The King Firm stands out from other firms in numerous ways, the strongest being client focus. “Whether it’s a small legal matter or a huge case, they’re coming to us for a reason and, when they come to us, they get us,” he says. “That client is not just a name and number on a file — he or she is a real person with a real problem who needs my assistance. I personally handle all cases for all of my clients. Their files are not just handed off to a younger associate to handle.”

In addition, he considers a first-time client to be a client for life and is pleased to handle the future legal needs of a client, their family and their friends.

Milazzo’s career is a complete 180-degree switch from his early years after law school at Loyola University, during which he worked defending insurance companies and corporations from individual litigation. “The people I worked with were very nice, and I have a great relationship with them to this day,” Milazzo says. “But it was something that just wasn’t for me. You bill the hours, work the files, keep your insurance adjuster updated on the case … but you’re not helping a person, which is kind of what I was lacking in that line of work.”

It’s hard to pinpoint one singular standout case for Milazzo, as he is proud of all his work. But he admits that sometimes you take even more pride in the smaller cases because of the client’s back story or how hard you fought against the other side. A few years ago, after a rigorous trial and then appeal, he won a small decision for a teen injured in a convenience store fall. Because of the time he invested as the insurers fought them every step of the way, it meant a lot — as did his client’s lavish gratitude and her repeat business afterwards.

“It just shows that the attention to detail and the success that you work to get for the client make all the difference,” he says. “I have a lot of cases to work on, but that client only has only one. And it’s important to them. You have to treat all of your cases like that; give them the attention they deserve.”
The common goals that built the firm: “We’re not just guys on TV that are running commercials and attracting clients they never meet or talk to,” Milazzo says. “We’re the ones they meet with; we’re the ones they talk to; we handle the case. It creates a pretty good work environment and good fit for us. We have a common vision for how this firm should be run from a client management and satisfaction standpoint.”

Advocacy without combat: “I am a strong advocate for my clients, while maintaining a cordial and professional relationship with other attorneys,” he says. “Unfortunately, sometimes in the legal profession, attorneys think that they have to do everything in a ‘scorched earth’ manner to be strong advocates for their clients. And that could not be further from the truth. We can disagree without being disagreeable.”

No. 1 inspiration: “My two kids are definitely my No. 1 inspiration,” Milazzo says. “They are what make me want to be a better person and better attorney every day. And, at the end of those long and trying days that I have, it’s great to come home and have them run and greet [me] at the door with a hug and kiss.”

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