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Anti-Aging 101


Here are six actions you might be taking that are making you look old.


A $62-billion U.S. cosmetic industry doesn’t lie: No one wants to look old. And yet, according to beauty experts, some of those purchases might be ill-advised if they’re improperly used in an unsuccessful attempt to cover your age. Read on for missteps you might unwittingly be taking that are actually making you look older.

Going Goth
If you’re wearing heavy black eye liner, dark lipstick or too much eye shadow, you won’t look youthful — you’ll just be putting a very obvious product right up next to your wrinkly laugh lines. Neon arrow anyone?

Getting a Tan
Isn’t our older skin challenged enough? At some point, we all have to agree that it’s time to embrace the daily SPF foundation cream. Research shows that skin damage begins after just a short exposure without skin protection. (Like the Skin Cancer Foundation’s public service announcement says: “Tanning’s 15 minutes of fame are over.”)

Skipping the Moisture
Now that you’re protecting your skin from the sun, be sure to protect it from flaking and wrinkling too. Nothing advertises aging like dry skin. Get a regimen and stay loyal to the supple-skin cause. And don’t forget your hands, neck and chest! As dermatologists advise: Take it easy around the highly sensitive eye area. Pat and blot ladies, pat and blot.

Slathering the Foundation
Every layer of makeup you slather on over those flaky patches is going to settle right in to the cracks, making those wrinkles even more noticeable. Ditch the powder; spot correct as needed; and switch to a lighter cream. Tinted moisturizer with (bonus!) SPF protection is a good option.

Growing Your Hair
Your partner thinks long, flowing locks are sexy. Turns out that the fringy “mom cut” really is more youthful. As we age and our faces lose fat and lengthen, long, straight hair can make the face look drawn.

Dressing Like a Child
Dipping in to your daughter’s or granddaughter’s closet for something hip to wear is not your best anti-aging maneuver. What looks trendy on them looks silly on you. Ditto tight clothes you probably should have given up a decade ago. Now is not the time for nostalgia. Simplicity and solids are the new name of the game.