Man Makeup


Products for men are booming.

PROBLEM: While women are spending billions of dollars annually on cosmetics, their men are quietly filching untold millions of that makeup and moisturizers for their own use.

SOLUTION: Protect your stash and point your guy toward his own cosmetics supply, now readily available as cosmetic makers tap the metrosexual market. We aren’t just talking about formulated sun block and all-the-rage beard oil. As it turns out, guys need concealer too!

Men, try these products that are made just for you.

Anti-wrinkle cream: Hydrate, invigorate and help fight wrinkles with a light-weight product formulated for men’s skin. Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Anti-Wrinkle Cream is made with chestnut, soy and citrus extracts, and fortified with vitamins C and E. Kiehl’s is a New York City apothecary that has been creating men’s products since hippies swung through Manhattan on their way to Woodstock.

Eye gel: Tired of raccoon eyes staring back at you, while you’re shaving every morning? You could start by skipping the Netflix binge or dropping that early morning gym workout. Or you could add Clinique Skin Supplies for Men Anti-Fatigue Cooling Eye Gel to your repertoire. The roller-ball applicator delivers serum designed to refresh and brighten under-eye skin so you look rested even when you most assuredly are not. 

Facial regimen: Deodorant soap swiped across your oily face in the shower is so 1990. Next you’re going to admit you’re still using Clearasil. Get a grownup cleaning routine to keep your face fresh and blemish-free. Start with a daily face wash — recommends Jack Black Daily Facial Cleanser — or an exfoliant — like Lab Series Multi-Action Face Wash. Daily shavers might want something a little nourishing like Nivea Men Original Moisturizing Face Wash.

For the truly dedicated, add the Luna2 sonic cleansing device (available in black for men). The pulsations are meant to smooth the appearances of lines and leave skin looking radiant and firm. Don’t forget to finish with moisturizer like Anthony Day Cream SPF 30. All available at

Concealer: Men are hopping on the flawless-skin bandwagon in droves, giving rise to more male makeup. To camouflage blemishes, bumps, bar-fight bruises and any amount of dark circles the eye gel didn’t cure, try Mënaji Skincare CAMO Magnum Concealer.

Don’t miss other just-for-men lip balms, energizing tonics, mineral face washes and more — along with online reviews on whether they’re any good and videos on how to apply them. Enjoy guys.