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For the Love of Fitness


A local personal trainer finds joy in helping others succeed.


For Eduardo Yibrin, a local certified personal trainer, it was just a matter of time before he made New Orleans his home. He was born and raised in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, where he attended a bilingual school and all of his studies were in English. He moved to New Orleans for college, and, after graduating from Loyola University with a business degree, he moved back to his hometown and started his own business. Throughout the years, he had occasions to travel, but New Orleans was always a place that meant a lot to him. Eventually, it became his goal to return and make it my home.

Yibrin first became interested in fitness when he was 16 years old. He was passionate to learn and train, and, as the years went by, he continued his research and eventually earned a personal training certification. The more he learned, the more interested in fitness he became, and he started entering powerlifting and body figure competitions. He added swimming, kayaking and soccer into his passion for health, strength and image. “Soon, I had 27 certifications, and friends and relatives sought my advice on nutrition, health and fitness tips,” Yibrin says. “As they succeeded in meeting their goals, I realized how rewarding it was to guide them through the process, and I embarked on a full-time career as a Master Personal Trainer.”

As a Master Personal Trainer, Yibrin works with clients on nutrition design, supplement advice (if needed), guidance on non-gym physical activities, rest and recovery, and ongoing training regimens targeting each individual’s unique needs, strengths, weaknesses and limitations. “I consider each client to be a unique challenge that requires a unique strategy,” he says. “What works for you might not work for someone else. Personal training has that unique advantage over group classes. It also allows for interaction and challenge between client and trainer. You can voice any questions or concerns in real time. The faster we learn from each other, the faster we can meet your goals.”

When Yibrin works with clients, he becomes personally invested in their success. “What is really rewarding to me is to see someone not only achieve their goals, but to realize what a life-changing difference it can make, and then they go on to set higher and higher goals — not only with their health and appearance, but also in their personal and professional life. It is so amazing to watch the evolution.

As far as his personal fitness and diet routine, Yibrin combines techniques from HIIT (high intensity interval training), circuit training, sprinting and weight-lifting to achieve balance, strength, conditioning, and, of course, a healthy body and mind. “The key to success is balance, hard work, moderation and, most of all, consistency,” he says. “I structure each week with a realistic goal that can be measured not only on the scale, but also on how strong and healthy I feel.” (225) 454-8777, [email protected], eduardoyibrin504.com


“If you want to look in the mirror and see an improved version of yourself, you have to stay on track, one step at a time,” Yibrin says. “Make other changes in your life that help guide you along the way and think of each of these changes as achievements, or ‘wins.’ Clean out your kitchen — donate the food that doesn’t put you in the right direction. Organize your space to set yourself up for success. Invest in kitchen or on-the-go items that you need to eat clean. Rearrange your furniture; clean out your closet; donate the clothes that you don’t want to fit in anymore; and put your workout clothes in the front. When you wake up in the morning or get home from work — and look around and see a fresh, new environment — it’s much easier to make smart choices, and stay active and healthy, than to fall back into your own bad habits. Step by step, become the person that you want to be and immediately start to walk around in their shoes. Combined with the right fitness program, you’ll start to see the new version of you in the mirror as well.”

“Personally, I eat mostly lean meats, brown rice or quinoa, and fruits and vegetables,” Yibrin says. “Lean protein and smart carbs work well with my physical activities and the amount of energy that I require. I prepare my own organic juices several times per week, with mostly carrots, beets and a variety of herbs and beneficial greens. Black coffee kickstarts my morning, with plenty of water and occasional fresh juices throughout the day. When I’m on the go, I’ll grab a high-protein, low-sugar energy bar. The timing of when you eat is almost as important as what you eat, so I make sure that when I leave the house, I bring anything that I will need for the next few hours to stay on schedule. This habit can be a really important part of your daily routine and can mean the difference between diet success or failure. My favorite foods are grilled steak, paella and even simple things like egg dishes or fresh guacamole. A guilty pleasure would probably be a gourmet hamburger and French fries.”

“I met a client in Dec. 2015,” Yibrin says. “He was in need of a change, had weight-related issues, eating habits connected to his anxiety, high blood pressure and many other concerns. When we met, I knew that he needed not just a personal trainer, but also a coach, a nutrition adviser and true supporter. He had no previous gym experience or exercise habits and had never been attracted to a fit lifestyle at all. Like many other people, he felt intimidated by just going into a gym. So, we got started. What he did have was hard work, commitment and trust. In 13 months, he lost 116 pounds (and counting). He is in the best shape of his life. Not only did he lose the weight, he added muscle and strength, has better sleep and more energy, and is living and eating healthier than he can ever remember. He is no longer afraid of his doctor visits or blood-test results. He has a completely new active and social lifestyle and is training for his first marathon this spring. He’s out to conquer the world! I couldn’t be more proud.”

“It’s just as important to be mentally prepared, as it is to be physically prepared,” Yibrin says. “First, you should start with an open mind. The more you ask, the more you learn — and you have better choices to choose from. You can’t achieve health with fitness alone. The most success is achieved when you change your way of thinking, whether it’s nutrition, rest or other lifestyle choices. Second, when you look for a trainer, be sure to find a good fit. Look for comfort, trust and respect. When I start working with a new client that really wants to see results and transformation, my coaching is much more holistic than just the workout. Third, believe in your trainer, and follow his or her advice and ask questions all the time. Make sure that you communicate often to learn and answer your concerns. Finally, be committed and patient. Long-lasting goals are not achieved overnight. You have to focus and be consistent in making smart choices, always working toward your goal.”