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Posh Perspective


Having the right garments in your wardrobe can make all the difference.


I am, for lack of a more imaginative term, a fashion stylist. My partner and I attempt to make things look good or better. People hire us for our opinion, to assist them in creating an impression. Whether it be a story about how you dress, creating a visual chronicle in a photoshoot or showcasing an idea in a table scape for a party, our job is to tell tales through images. We create first impressions. In essence, we provide suggestions such as, “Wear this shoe with that dress,” “The cheetah/leopard/tiger is the animal print of the season” or “If you stand tall, wear red and stare your conquest in the eye, you have a more commanding presence.” This is not exactly Noble Prize information.

Our roles as stylists and image consultants reach far beyond the advice of what color or silhouette you should wear. We quickly turn into a therapist, life coach or the voice of reason. Working with a woman and her wardrobe is a very personal and intimate experience. Most women tend to have an emotional connection with clothing, and their clothing can be glimpse into their self-esteem and self-awareness. Women also have an uncanny ability to touch an article of clothing or accessory and be able to tell you exactly when and where they wore it, and how they felt in the ensemble.

Although a woman’s closet and state of dress is a detailed and in-depth peek into her psyche, fear not because we are the last to judge. We can see all your crazy; your freak flag comes out right there in your clothes, but is it perfectly okay. Frankly, we are all bat crazy. In our experience, we have yet to come across anyone that is not a little bit cuckoo about something in their life.

Even though we embrace your stress and your quirks, our mission is for everyone to look polished and poised at all times. We want you to appear composed and self-confident even if life’s pressures are weighing you down. ALG likes to call this the smoke and mirror effect. Regardless what is happening in your mind or in your world, we want you to be able to walk into a room or even the grocery store and look as if you own it.

We had the opportunity to catch some of our beloved fashion folks around town in an ensemble that gives off the illusion of confidence. Amy Brechtel Cain, manager of Vita by Italia Direct Boutique on Metairie Road says, “Honestly, when I am not feeling my best self, I want to put on workout clothes and drink a martini!” However, she understands that’s not always a realistic option. “I love a flowy mini-dress paired with a high heel; I feel pretty in dresses.”

Mike Brinkman, head buyer and manager at Iron Horse Clothier is a seasoned veteran of the men’s fashion world. His mission statement for the store has been, “If you get dressed and you look good, it’s going to be a good day.” We agree — a good outfit can make for a good mood.

Just adding a bit of color in your outfit can brighten up the clouds in your head. Chad Olivier, salesman at Iron Horse recommends, “Try a five-pocket chino in a color by Peter Millar, a well-tailored jacket, with an open collar shirt.” Color can subliminally alter your disposition for the better.

ALG Style loves the shade of red in any spectrum, from crimson to tomato. According to iconic designer, Bill Blass, “When in doubt wear red.” Red is often associated with love, sex, authority and attention to detail. Now when you pair that with a high heel, you might as well have on a super hero cape. The combination makes it look as if you can conquer the world and set the room on fire. That is one heck of a first impression.

Happy shopping!

–Aimée Gowland and Corrie Pellerin, ALG Style