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Make Baton Rouge Your Next Adventure


Here are four unique reasons to make your family’s next stop in the Red Stick!


As a native New Orleanian, I’m proud that I grew up in a place where a large part of our love language is communicated through hospitality, delicious food and regular gatherings with family, friends and neighbors. We moved to the capital city of Baton Rouge six years ago—known for the LSU Tigers, who are known to bring life to Death Valley on a Saturday night, and for our state’s capital that towers over the roaring Mississippi River. In addition to that jazz, there is so much more here to reveal. After immersing ourselves in what this city has to offer, I am excited to share with you the reasons you should consider driving the quick hour away to visit Baton Rouge.

There are many community events around the city, but one comes to mind that has been pretty amazing. The Mid City Makers Market came to fruition last year. Once per month, under the moon and twinkle lights, you’ll find a large range of Louisiana makers proudly exhibiting their handcrafted goods, and entertainment and children’s activities provided by local face painters and balloon artisans. There are also local chefs and bakers offering tasty dishes. For me, supporting local businesses and seeing them in person is something I truly enjoy. Some of the coolest items I’ve given for birthdays and holidays have come from here. This market has been a great family night out spot for us to enjoy delicious food, while shopping local and mingling with others.

Baton Rouge Eats
Just like New Orleans, we also have some really innovative and talented chefs making their mark in the culinary world. A few of our favorite spots for date night or gathering with friends include Kalurah Street Grill, Bin 77, Roberto’s River Road Restaurant, the Overpass Merchant and Olive or Twist. We love good food and appreciate a handcrafted cocktail or glass of wine. Coming from New Orleans where food is life, I have to say that Baton Rouge has certainly lived up to that motto for us. At any moment, there are many choices available for dining experiences ranging in various cultures or traditional Louisiana fare that is done with an eclectic spin.

In addition to having the Mall of Louisiana at our disposal, we also have a great outdoor marketplace called Perkins Rowe. Here, you can find an array of merchants, including a few that are unique to the area. Our family loves hanging out here because there is so much to do right in one place. There are also a variety of restaurants to choose from, such as California Pizza Kitchen, Kona Grill and Bin 77 to name a few. Not to mention, there’s the classy Cinemark Movie Theater, Barnes and Noble and a gourmet popsicle shop called Rock n’ Pops. That’s a whole family day or date night all in one place.

Kid-Centric Fun
Since becoming a parent, I’ve really appreciated the many options for kid-friendly fun that Baton Rouge has to offer. We have wonderful amazing parks, some of which include splash pads, botanical gardens and a serene arboretum. We often take our kids to the park or to one of our favorite places, Lil Bambinos Playtorium, which is a creative facility with an assortment of interactive fun for the kids. In addition, we were thrilled to welcome the Knock Knock Museum when they opened their doors in August. It’s a two-story children’s museum filled with hands-on interactive exhibits that promote art, science, literacy and imaginative play.

Taking a day trip with the family or escaping for a date night away is worth the drive. Besides, a change in scenery is good for the soul and can breathe life back into the monotony of our daily lives. The sky is the limit for delicious food, fun and entertainment for everyone right here in the Red Stick.