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All in the Family


Glago Law Firm treats each client like a member of the family.


Glago Law Firm’s success is fueled by its mission statement, “Treat our clients like they are a member of our family.” Founded by Mark Glago, who has brought more than 160 cases to trial over the past decade, the firm primarily represents plaintiffs in civil litigation, including class actions, insurance disputes, serious personal injury, wrongful death and business litigation. “We have built our reputation on treating our clients with respect and earning them strong verdicts,” Glago says. “When you treat people like family you form a connection with them and you want to do everything you can to make them whole again.”

In 2017, Glago Law Firm was ranked regionally as a top law firm in personal injury litigation practice by U.S. News – Best Lawyers in the category of “Best Law Firms.” The firm earned the same distinction for 2018. Today it continues to earn a steady stream of accolades from its clients and its peers. “We owe our success to having experienced attorneys, paralegals and support staff who all believe in what they do and are passionate about providing the best representation for our clients,” Glago says.


It is not a coincidence that the attorneys and staff who work at Glago Law Firm share a common work ethic and are inspired by compassion. According to attorney Jatavian Williams, who is in his fifth year at the firm, it is family that inspires him to work hard for his clients. “My mom died of stomach cancer when I was 4 years old, and I was placed in my grandmother’s care,” he says. “At that time, my grandmother worked as a housekeeper for a personal injury attorney. He helped her discover that my mother’s death was accelerated due to her doctor prescribing the wrong medication. After my grandmother filed and won her case, there was enough money to send me to college. I became a lawyer because I saw the need to help people like my grandmother.” This is the level of compassion that motivates Williams to deliver for his clients.

Marissa Hutabarat, who joined the firm after working as a judicial law clerk for several years at the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals and Civil District Court, explains how her innate desire to help stems from a childhood experience. “My dad is from Singapore and came to the United States on a student visa,” she says. “After earning his masters degree, he decided to pursue dental school and was accepted on a 50 percent scholarship to the Northwestern University Dental School in Chicago.

English is his first language, and, at the time, they did not question his citizenship. However, after he graduated, the collection agency asked for him to repay the scholarship money back claiming he was ineligible. I remember seeing my father very stressed and going with him to an attorney’s office when I was just 6 years old. Of course, I did not know what was going on at the time, but, years later, I learned that my father was successful in his lawsuit. While I worked in the court system, I had to remain unbiased and could not give any legal advice. I am so happy that now I am able to meet with clients and be their voice and advocate.”


All you need to do is visit the firm’s website and Facebook page to see its clients’ rave reviews. One client, who submitted a five-star review, praised the attorneys as well as the staff, stating he couldn’t have asked for a better legal experience, and that the staff, especially Erin McMahon, lead paralegal, was “prompt and professional and always left me feeling in good hands.”

“Mark has created a great atmosphere at the firm,” McMahon says. “One in which inspires all of us to excel in what we do.”

At Glago Law Firm, full-service attention is provided to each client every step of the way. The firm’s dedicated and energetic team loves what they do, and they know how to prioritize the real problems and concerns of people who have suffered life-changing injuries and losses. “As attorneys, we are in a unique position to fight people’s legal battles,” Williams says. “Whether you have a serious personal injury claim or you are part of a class action lawsuit, we want to know how you were harmed and how we can help you be whole again. When we sit down and listen to our clients, whether in their kitchen or our conference room, we form a personal relationship and that relationship propels us to do our best.”

“That direct interaction and the opportunity to change someone’s life with a great case result is why I love going to work every day,” Glago adds.

With offices in New Orleans and Houston, the team at Glago Law Firm takes pride in its ability to handle complex, multiple district litigation — from holding insurance carriers accountable for their coverage obligations in wrongful death, serious injury, property damage or business losses to medical malpractice cases and class action lawsuits.

By collaboratively and efficiently working with other attorneys, qualified medical experts and other professionals, the team at the Glago Law Firm utilizes a common-sense approach to resolving cases. “We will not hesitate to try a case if necessary, yet we are skilled at negotiating favorable settlements for our clients so they can get back to their lives, families and work,” Glago says. “In addition, we are devoted to returning your calls promptly, answering your questions and keeping you fully informed throughout your case.”

On legal advice: Glago Law Firm offers a free initial consultation and, in most matters, there will be no attorney fee or costs charged unless or until a favorable verdict or settlement is obtained.

Regarding class-action lawsuits: “If someone sees a television ad about a class-action suit but does not know how to proceed in getting help, they can call us and we will walk them through the process,” Williams says. “First, it must be determined that there is an actionable claim. [For example], in prescription drugs, ‘Was there an adverse reaction that was not on the list of disclosed risks?’ Then, we will see if a class action is already pending in the plaintiff’s jurisdiction, and, if not, we may begin one. Our firm has been directly involved in over 15 class actions in Louisiana and around the U.S. When you contact us, we can provide information and advice about the potential for a class action — and your rights — if you are, or may be, part of a class action lawsuit.” glagolawfirm.com