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Commit to the Process


A local fitness trainer says commitment to your goals is the key to success.


For New Orleans native Scotty Hoggatt, fitness director at French Riviera Fitness of Carrollton, growing up as an underdog meant he had to work harder than most. He found fitness to be a way to have an advantage to compete, to get ahead and to maintain good health. To this day, he believes everyone should have a health coach or accountable health partner.

French Riviera Fitness, which opened in 1987 and also has locations in LaPlace and Metairie, aims to help people reach their full fitness potential. The company offers the latest fitness technology, classes and equipment — such as group fitness classes (like step, Zumba and cardio HIIT), personal training, a spin studio, a cardio theater and a women’s-only cardio theater. When it comes to training, members can choose from private, semi-private or group training programs, as well as boot camps. Trainers help motivate each client to reach their goals — whether that means losing weight, becoming stronger or gaining better movement — with customized transformation plans.

“French Riviera Fitness offers affordable ways to meet or exceed your health goals,” Hoggatt says. “I care for everyone I connect with, especially those who feel compromised with self esteem or feel they cannot get to their goals.”

Hoggatt gets the most satisfaction out of sharing personal experiences with clients. “[I enjoy] seeing the joy and confidence in the transformation of their health and bodies,” he says.

When it comes to his personal fitness routine, Hoggatt prefers to focus on achieving goals in minimal time, resulting in confidence at the age of approaching 48 years old. That means high-impact workouts with a mixture of weight training. 8350 Earhart Blvd., (504) 862-9995, rivierafitnesscenters.com


“I stay motivated by my acting career (Scott McGlothlin), DJ-ing (SKYY), my age and not wanting to fall behind knowing that the older I get that prior activities and injuries — along with the wear and tear on my body when I was younger — could cause me to fall back,” he says. “I focus on diet and training to shock the body to maximize potential growth.”


“My diet varies with intermittent fasting, raw foods and burning more calories than I take in,” Hoggatt says. “My favorite foods are raw vegetables, pure foods (organically grown), green superfoods and sushi. My guilty pleasures are NOLA Brewery, New Orleans cuisine, pizza and ice cream.”


“Two clients trained together and collectively lost over 100 pounds together with similar goals of getting ready for their wedding,” Hoggatt says. “Another client was battling rheumatoid arthritis, and, after eight months of training, was able to walk, jog and train with better results and feeling better. Yet another client was a high school senior in 2017, transitioning from high school to college, who went from seventh on the depth chart to third after spring practice, and, during regular season play, averaged over 200 all-purpose yards and made second team All-American his freshman year.”


“You must be committed to a healthy lifestyle change,” Hoggatt says. “Be committed to a process that may not be comfortable or immediate. Understand and commit to healthy nutrition; resistance, high-impact training and cardio as key factors to changes; and goals in your life. Then have fun; allow for creativity; and trust your coach or trainer.”