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Mind + Body: June 2018


Marcella D’Antonio uses Pranayama breathing and Reiki for a mind-body-soul approach to holistic health and wellness.

Originally from the Northshore, Marcella D’Antonio recently moved back to New Orleans after living away for 10 years. She says she was ready to come home and to share her knowledge of natural healing with a city that she loves. It all started when she realized that her “perfect” life, which consisted of a nice apartment in Washington, D.C.; coveted professional credentials; a promising career path at one of the largest accounting firms in the world; a great group of friends; and a caring, loving boyfriend — wasn’t all that perfect. She had everything she thought she wanted, but deep down she always knew something was missing. After a downward spiral that left her medicated, on a leave of absence from work, drinking excessively and 150 pounds overweight, D’Antonio decided it was time to transform her life.

She began practicing self-love and adopted a new approach to wellness, focusing on a variety of spiritual practices. She was able to turn her life around, and she believes that Reiki healing and Pranayama breathing were the keys to her recovery. “Now, I see with such clarity that the point of pulling myself out of such a dark place was never to finish healing myself, but to keep learning, and perhaps struggling, so that I can share my journey and knowledge with others, so that others might find it within to heal themselves too,” D’Antonio says. “It is in that very statement that I have found my calling-to heal others.”

D’Antonio has now been practicing for about three years, and she is certified in Pranayama breathwork by world renowned healer David Elliot in Los Angeles. She also studied the Usui system of natural healing and is certified and attuned as a Reiki level 2 healer. As an intuitive energy healer at MindBodySoul NOLA, D’Antonio offers healing sessions for anyone who is feeling depressed, fatigued, stressed, or anxious or achy (with general or specific pain points). She says that her healing work is also beneficial for anyone who is healing from trauma, anyone attempting to make a major life change such as overcoming an addiction, or anyone who feels out of touch or stuck in a situation and is not sure how to move forward.

Each session lasts one hour (except an initial session lasts an hour and a half) and consists of a consultation, three-phase yogic breathing, a rest period in shavasana and Reiki energy healing through light touch massage. “I may focus on any areas of the body or chakras that showed tension or blockages during the breathing portion,” D’Antonio says. “I also use aromatherapy such as sage, essential oils, flower essences and/or incense as needed throughout the session. Once the breathwork and Reiki portions are both complete, I will then ground the client, offer any advice or follow up instructions, and I give them a chance to ask any questions or make any comments before they leave.” (504) 323-4467, [email protected]

Order Up: A new grocery delivery service makes life a bit easier in the Big Easy.

If you’ve ever had one of those days when you desperately need to make groceries, and you have absolutely no time to do so, then Instacart may just be the answer to your prayers. This on-demand grocery delivery service recently launched in New Orleans, offering front-door delivery from many popular local stores such as Rouses Markets, Costco and Petco. Search by grocery store department, available coupons and more. The delivery area covers more than 442,000 households and is bringing income earning opportunities to the area with plans to bring on more than 100 new shoppers. Areas of service include New Orleans, Metairie, Houma, Thibodaux, Covington, Gretna, Slidell, Marrero, Mandeville, Belle Chasse, Schriever, Kenner and Lockport. Sign up for the Instacart Express trial, and get free delivery for 14 days.  instacart.com

Maria’s Pick — Vegan Variety: NOLA welcomes Sweet Soulfood as the city’s newest vegan restaurant.

Sweet Soulfood, recently opened on N. Broad Street and now joins a number of other vegan restaurants in New Orleans (Seed, Good Karma Cafe, SuperFoods Bar and Max Well New Orleans). There’s plenty to choose from, with everything from guilt-free ice cream and smoothies to salads and soul food (think flavorsome and satisfying comfort foods such as vegan jambalaya). “Even if you don’t consider yourself a vegan, this is still a great option for a healthy, delicious meal,” says Maria Muro, publisher of New Orleans Living. “This is one of my new go-to places if I’ve had a busy day and I’m not in the mood to cook but still want a healthy meal.” 1016 N. Broad St., (504) 821-2669, sweetsoulfood.net