Fitness for Life


A local fitness trainer gets his clients to the point where they can train themselves.


Eric Capers, head trainer at Pro Fitness Trainers, is a native New Orleanian who played football in his youth. He trained hard and worked out with trainers to stay in shape for the demanding sport and so that he wouldn’t get injured. “I also ate healthy; that’s something that just goes together for better health overall,” he says. “I saw so many people around me that were obese and their health was not great. My mom also died at a young age — she was in her 40s and very ill. I knew that I wanted to help others to lose weight and eat healthier to have a long, healthy life so that they could live to see their children grow and one day see their grandchildren and great grandchildren.”

Capers started Pro Fitness Trainers and No Days Off Bootcamp in 1999, and he poured all of his heart and soul into health and wellness. Today, PFT offers one of the most comprehensive personal training programs in the Crescent City with customized one-on-one training; couples training; and group training. “We can travel to your home or train you at our Freret Street gym,” Capers says. “We also offer food prep, and health and wellness diet and nutritional consultation tailored to your needs.”

In addition to being a NASM master trainer and specializing in weight-loss training, Capers also has years of experience in physical therapy rehabilitation. As such, he can work with some clients that a normal trainer cannot (for instance, if a client has had some type of back, knee, neck or hip surgery). He also has worked in the hospital with cardiac rehab patients to help get them back to a safe everyday life routine. “I can handle those types of clients, and that takes experience and patience with someone so they don’t injure themselves,” Capers says. “With my experience, it gives the client reassurance that they will be okay during training. Everyone’s needs are different; I also conduct a free assessment on all clients signing up. I have on-hand a nutritionist and also healthy meals to go for food prepping meals with a health and wellness coach for consulting.”

Capers most loves helping clients reach their fitness goals and hearing about how their health has improved since training. “My ultimate goal is to train clients until they can train themselves,” he says. “I love to see my clients feel great about themselves.”

As for his personal fitness routine, Capers starts his day at 4 a.m., followed by a healthy breakfast and a workout prior to clients arriving. “I do a quick pick-me-up exercise I call a good morning,” he says. “I also work out two to three times per day in between clients. I run three times per week (three to four miles at Audubon or City Park for about one hour). I enjoy seeing the natural side of my beautiful city.” 4600 Freret St., (504) 432-5188, pftrainers.com


“Helping others also helps me stay motivated to always find new ways to encourage myself as well as others on their way to a healthier lifestyle,” Capers says. “I tell all of my clients, ‘Whatever you start, finish,’ and to never give up. Change does not come overnight and they have to put in the work. I also tell them that I will train them until they can train themselves!”


“For breakfast, I eat three to four boiled eggs with or without the yolk,” Capers says. “Or I’ll have a protein shake. For lunch, I’ll have chicken with broccoli. I have some kind of nuts or fruit for snacks, and, for dinner I will have meat and a veggie.”


“[A client] came to the gym and was taking pictures outside the gym doors,” Capers says. “I invited her in, gave her a tour and saw the look on her face. I asked if she had ever been in a gym. She said, ‘No, never.’ I also saw the fear in her eyes. Well, she joined the gym that day. She weighed in at 265 pounds. She trained three times per week and also followed a tailored diet plan by our nutritionist and health and wellness coach. Now she is at 188 pounds. She lost a total of 77 pounds. It has been one year since her weight loss journey began, and she is still keeping her weight under control through our maintenance program. She is off some of her medications she used to take because her health has improved since her weight loss.”


“Make sure it is a program that is realistic, and that it is something you can maintain,” Capers says. “Be real with yourself and do something that you will stick with and have fun doing — but that is still challenging as well as rewarding.”