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The Mind-Body Connection


Kendall Carriere has found a rewarding career as a fitness instructor and owner of Barre3.


As a local fitness instructor and owner at Barre3, Kendall Carrier says that the fitness industry has always been a calling for her. She has always loved fitness. “My much older sisters used to sneak me into step aerobics classes when that was a big thing because I was under age,” she says. “I love to sweat and the feeling of moving my body. When I attended the College of Charleston, I became a Physical Education Manager with a concentration on Health Promotion. I love the mind-body connection of fitness and how it influences how I feel. I knew if I could help people feel as good as I do, I would have a rewarding career.”

Carriere, who is originally from South Carolina, used to travel to New Orleans for work. She fell in love with the city as it reminded her of home. She opened her first Barre3 in May 2013. “I knew the need was there,” she says. “I was working with a lot of women that were beating themselves up — running with injuries and ignoring pain. This is not vitality, and I was one of them. I knew if I could offer fitness that was smart, results-oriented and that feels good, I could changed lives. We have.”

Barre3 is for everyone. Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach to exercise, the studio focuses on empowering each individual to modify postures and develop body awareness for lasting results. “Our signature approach to teaching gives clients a rewarding endorphin high and a deep muscle burn — without pain in areas of the body prone to injury,” Carriere says. “Barre3 benefits both mind and body.”

Finding balance is at the core of Barre3’s philosophy. Each workout focuses not only on building strength but also on improving flexibility for optimal body balance and improved posture. According to Carriere, improved body balance leads to better digestion, increased energy, minimized risk of injury, a clear mind, and a healthier and happier way of life.

The workouts at Barre3 benefit the body by building toned muscles, increasing metabolism and burning calories. Better posture also leads to standing taller and feeling better throughout the day. The energizing workouts also benefit the mind by creating confidence and reducing stress. Carriere says that the Barre3 studio consists of a rich community of people who all know each other and support each other’s efforts. “I feel like my life’s work has meaning,” she says.

Her personal fitness routine includes teaching four to six classes per week, plus taking three classes in the studio. She also walks her two dogs every morning. “That is a time for my husband and I to connect, plan our day and get outside together,” Carriere says. “I also supplement my studio classes with two to three Barre3 online workouts per week. Our online platform is fantastic. It’s challenging and assessable.”


“The best way to stay on track is to know and understand you will get off track,” Carriere says. “Life isn’t constant. You will get off and get back on. Vacation happens and you get off and you get back on. That is what life is about. You have to have some ease and grace with yourself. We all have a tendency to beat ourselves up, but it doesn’t work to motivate yourself. I like the saying, ‘Keep up and you will be kept up.’ Meaning when you are off your routine and you notice, get back on. Yes, that first few classes will be tough, but that challenge can feel so rewarding. Don’t let it all fall apart.”


“I avoid dairy and gluten because that is how I feel my best,” Carriere says. “Am I perfect? Hardly. I don’t deny myself anything that is too good to pass up. A lousy doughnut, pass. A perfect slice of key lime pie at my favorite restaurant? Yes, I will certainly take a few bites. The key for me is to not feel bad about it. Life is for the living. It is not for rigid rules that are inflexible. Where is the joy in that? I love a good glass of red wine and I like a few bites of dessert that is worth it. My favorite foods are avocados; fresh salmon; and local, in-season produce that is filled with life force. I make the best food choices that I can, and I forgive myself for sampling. It is New Orleans, after all.”


“My favorite stories are new moms who come back and work on getting their bodies back and seeing how Barre3 helps them become better moms,” Carriere says. “They need that hour. Plus, we have childcare.”


“The hardest thing is walking through the door,” Carriere says. “After that, we do the work together. We have smiling, happy people ready to greet you and help you with your goals. Pick a date and go. Start right where you are. You are perfect.”