The Luxe Look


Make a statement with cosmetics from Giorgio Armani Beauty

“Elegance doesn’t mean being noticed, it means being remembered.”
—Giorgio Armani

Only available in luxury department stores, Giorgio Armani Beauty is an exclusive cosmetic line known for its luminosity, transparency, weightlessness and blendability. Available at Saks Fifth Avenue, the Shops at Canal Place, 365 Canal St., 524-2200

Kimberly Porche is a local makeup artist whose résumé includes television shows, magazines and fashion shows. She worked as a celebrity makeup artist and spent three years with M.A.C. cosmetics before joining Armani as a cosmetics specialist and opening the exclusive Armani Boutique in Saks Fifth Avenue in May 2005.

What sets Armani cosmetics apart?

First is the outstanding quality of our products. Our foundations are the top-rated on the market. Second is the way Giorgio Armani translates his fashion style into his beauty line. Armani’s style is classic. He is all about understated elegance. His fashion and his makeup are one in the same: polished, sophisticated and timeless.

What’s new in makeup this season?

The holidays were all about glitz and glam. Spring will be a return to natural beauty, a sheer and fresh face. A glowing cheek, a sheer pink lip and a flawless complexion is what’s new this season.

Many women are conservative with their makeup. How can they be more adventurous?

Try to incorporate a bold, bright lipstick. A classic red or pink lip is always in style, no matter the season. Reds and pinks can range from intense color to very sheer. Be as dramatic or as subtle as you like. Sometimes taking a small step outside your comfort zone is all you need.

How does party makeup differ from everyday makeup?

Party makeup involves taking it to the next level. Everyday makeup may consist of foundation, blush, mascara and lip gloss. When dressing for a party, don’t leave anything out. Include all the steps: a glamorous eye, polished skin, lots of lashes and a perfect lip.

What are some tips for creating a glamorous look?

The easiest way to a glamorous look is to perfect the eyes. Find a color palette that works for you and learn how to master it. A vibrant cheek color and a luminous highlighter can make a difference. Fluid Sheer is the best product for achieving that perfect glow. Also, do not neglect the eyebrows. Many women do not fill in their eyebrows. This small detail makes all the difference. Eyes will look more awake and defined.

How important is a skin care regimen?

A skin care regimen is the most important thing of all! You can’t build a house without a strong foundation. Think of your skin as your foundation. Makeup is going to look much better on skin that is hydrated and refreshed. Use a skin care line that treats your needs. Crema Nera is for all skin types and addresses all skincare concerns. I have been using the Crema Nera line since we launched it a year ago, and my skin has never looked better!

Luminous Silk Foundation (sheer to medium coverage for a flawless finish) $58
Blender Brush, 100% sable (designed specifically for Luminous Silk Foundation) $47
Fluid Sheer (liquid illuminator that adds glow and luminosity) $58
Eye Mania 4-Color Palette (available in six palettes) $55
Maestro Mascara (dramatic curl and volume for a false lash effect) $26
Silk Lipstick (creamy formula, long-lasting and available in a wide range of shades) $25
Lip Shimmer (silky gloss, very reflective and available in a wide range of shades) $25
Skin Care
Crema Nera Regenerating Mineral Cream (hydrates, repairs, renews) $230
Crema Nera Serum (targets wrinkles, offers intense hydration) $250