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She’s Got the Look


Kerry Bruno’s boutique, Azby’s, carries clothing for all ages and personalities

Most women yearn for style. One part self-confidence and attitude and another part fabulous fashion, style is something to be discovered within yourself and cultivated. Since 1989, Azby’s clothing boutique has helped New Orleans women discover their personal style and accentuate it. Owner Kerry Bruno first opened her upscale store in the River Bend, settling there for well over a decade before moving seven years ago to a multifarious and booming strip of Magazine Street (across from Whole Foods). In a quaint building graced with an airy feel and lots of natural light, Kerry set up shop, reaffirming Azby’s status as a premier boutique for discerning women seeking sophisticated, elegant and chic designer goods.bus-pot

What did you always want to be when you grew up?
I grew up in New Orleans and went to LSU. I always thought I would end up in the science world, but something made me start thinking of retail and here I am.

When did you first become interested in fashion?
When I found out what clothes were! I have always loved clothes, from costumes in a movie to what people wear on the streets.

What was your inspiration for opening your own clothing store?
My parents. They made me feel like I could do whatever I wanted with a lot of hard work.

Where does the name Azby’s come from?
It’s a family name.

How would you describe Azby’s?
A classic look with a touch of the trends. We have clothes that range from day to night and cater to all ages.

What sets Azby’s apart from other boutiques?
We carry a great selection of designers and have a wide range of accessories.

What are three standard wardrobe items that a woman cannot be without and why?
A little black dress, a great-fitting jean and a pair of evening heels.

What is the most important element when it comes to quality clothing?
Fabric is the most important part.

Who are your favorite designers and why?
Nicole Miller by far is my favorite. She is the only designer I have carried in the store consistently for 20 years. She knows how to make a dress look sexy and sophisticated at the same time.

What are the hot looks for this spring?
Dresses are still driving the industry and lots of color.