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Scents and Sensibility


Local perfumeries and boutiques offer the perfect fragrances for your loved one

Scents are linked to our memories, our emotions and even our moods. So romance your sweetie this Valentine’s Day with an alluring bouquet in a bottle!

Make Me Up
3426 Magazine St., 891-9688
A full-service makeup boutique that opened in September 2006, Make Me Up offers the finest in makeup and skin care products for beauty and well-being.beauty1

Zents Concreta Hand Poured Perfume Balm made with essential oils (available in 10 fragrances to mix and match or wear alone), $35

Zents Eau de Toilette (available in 10 fragrances), spray, $52

Lola Pheromone Fragrance (available in Spicy, Sexy and Sweet), roll-on, $26

Celeste Louapre
Makeup artist and co-owner

beauty3What are popular trends in fragrances?
During the summer, go a little lighter. Choose sweeter, more floral smells. And during the winter try more musky, romantic, deeper smells.

What’s the proper way to store or preserve a bottle of perfume?
Don’t keep it out in the heat or by any windows. Store in a cool, clean place, the way you would preserve your makeup. You may want to keep it in your bathroom, or put it in the refrigerator to preserve it a little longer.

What’s the proper way to apply perfume?
Always spray it on the palms of your hands, in the crease of your elbow, behind your ears, lightly spritz into your hair. Put in where your body bends, where your pressure points are. Never blot or rub the hands together because that damages the perfume.

Hové Parfumeur Ltd.
824 Royal St., 525-7827
Hové perfumery has been using tried-and-true formulas to produce its perfumes since 1931. Fragrances come in standard or luxury lines, are made without the use of fixatives and are available in perfume, cologne, solid perfume, lotion, bath and shower gel and massage oil.

Creole Days Cologne (old-fashioned spice with cinnamon and carnation), 2 oz. spray, starting at $41

Carnaval Cologne (floral blend with white flowers), 4 oz. spray, starting at $41beauty11

Kiss In The Dark Perfume (Oriental spice), .5 oz., $53

Gardenia Perfumed Body Powder, 1.8 oz., $21

Tea Olive Guest Soaps (from sweet olive tree), three for $9.

Tea Olive Soap, each $7

Bayou d’Amour Luxury Perfume (blend of mango and honeysuckle), 2 oz., $183

Debra Jones
Perfumer/the “Nose”hove-debra

What’s the difference between perfume, cologne and eau de toilette?
Perfume is heavier. Our perfume is four times heavier than our cologne. Most colognes and toilettes have water added. Perfumes have no water added.

What sets luxury perfumes apart from standard perfumes?
Our standard line perfumes are mostly single-noted lighter fragrances. Luxury lines are blended and some are a little heavier and have more ingredients.

What are a few things to consider when choosing a fragrance?
The best thing to do when choosing a fragrance is to smell it, try it on and give it a wear test to see how it turns out on you. Scents react differently on different people. Skin color and age will affect how the fragrance reacts.

Bourbon French Parfums
805 Royal St., 522-4480
This 164-year-old local perfumery specializes in exotic fragrances and offers custom blending. All fragrances are available in perfume, eau de toilette, cologne, body powder, lotion and bath and shower gel.beauty6

Hand Poured Goat’s Milk Guest Soaps (available in exclusive fragrances), small, $3; large, $5

Kus Kus Pure Perfume (Signature Scent, blend of 84 oils), 1 oz., $68

Eau de Cologne for Men (all-citrus blend), 4 oz., $13.50

Magnolia Eau de Toilette, 4 oz., $26

Voodoo Love Cologne (woodsy, earthy scent), 1/3 oz. travel-size roll-on, $7.50beauty7

Fragrant Florals of the South Perfume, set of six 1/8 oz. roll-ons (white gardenia, plumeria, olive blossom, jasmine, lily of the valley, magnolia), $25

Mary Behlar

How does one find the fragrance that is most flattering?
Finding a fragrance is a very personal experience. Because perfumes blend with the body chemistry, a fragrance should be worn for 10 to 20 minutes before making a decision.

In what ways do men’s colognes differ from perfumes blended for women?
There really is no significant difference. The same ingredients are used for men and women. Some men’s fragrances do have more woodsy notes. Colognes do have less oil than perfumes, so they do not last as long.

How would you describe the different layers that make up a fragrance?
Fragrance is made of the distinctive notes. The top note is the initial blast of fragrance you smell. The middle note tends to blend both the top and bottom note together. The bottom note binds or completes the fragrance by giving it depth.